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Meet Me, Dr. Sheila: Hi! I'm Dr. Sheila Forman. I am a psychologist, certified group psychotherapist, and mindful eating instructor. My goal as a psychologist is to help my clients thrive!

What I Do: By using individual and/or group therapy, I help people reduce anxiety, get rid of depression, heal relationships, change their eating habits, lose weight, improve their self-esteem and cope with major life changes.

How Can I Help You Do This? By helping you understand why you do what you do, think what you think, and feel what you feel. Once you have figured that out, I help you apply what you learned to your life so you can heal what hurts and move onto bigger and better things.

Twenty Years and Counting! I have been helping people thrive for over twenty years and am known around town as “the group therapy specialist," because group therapy is my treatment of choice.

If you have never done "group," you are in for a treat. I love group therapy!  

Got Group? Like individual therapy, group therapy works by providing a positive trusting setting for overcoming your problems. Unlike individual therapy, group is a way for you to learn more about yourself through interactions with others. While in group you share your experiences with other group members and learn how you relate to and impact others. Group helps you improve your self-esteem, increase your self-awareness, and lead to overall well-being.

Want Faster Results? If you are already doing individual therapy, adding group can really accelerate your progress.  If you are interested, my groups meet weekly for 90 minutes and are limited to 10 members.

Want to Know Me Better? If you want to get a better feel for who I and how I approach things, you might want to read one of my books: The Best Diet Begins in Your Mind – Eliminate the Eight Emotional Obstacles to Permanent Weight Loss,  Do You Use Food to Cope?, or Self-fullness: The Art of Loving and Caring for Your ‘Self.’

My books truly reflect my voice, my style and my attitude towards personal growth and change.  I think you will find that I am non-judgmental, compassionate, empathetic and (hopefully) wise. I've been told I have a good sense of humor too. But, I guess, you'll be the judge of that.

Free Consultation for You! Finally, because finding the right therapist is so important. I always offer a free initial consultation.  
So, what are you waiting for? Come on in. You've got nothing to lose ...but your pain!

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