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  • License Marriage and Family Therapist, Somatic Psychotherapy (holistic approach)
  • 1151 Dove Street, Suite 245 , Newport Beach, California, 92660
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About Dr. Simina:
Dr. Simina has been involved in the field of psychology and self-development trainings for the past three decades. She obtained her doctorate degree in the Clinical Somatic Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She brings this training, years of energy healing work, and teaching art to her practice with her clients.
The techniques Dr. Simina utilizes in psychotherapy sessions help to alleviate and transform a wide range of life challenges, including:
Individual/Couples/family Relationship Issues
Eating Difficulties (Weight Management, Overeating) 
Self-Confidence Issues
Perfectionism TendencyAnxiety

Work-related conflicts

What is Somatic Psychotherapy and how can my Somatic therapist help me?
Somatic psychotherapy is a holistic approach that addresses our senses, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We all have bodies and to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings without awareness of our senses is only addressing half of our existence.
Dr. Simina can help you get in touch with your physical senses to release your unwanted thoughts and feelings and teach you to utilize your body’s wisdom; to make positive choices over conditioned old habits of thinking, feeling, and automatic behavior. Ultimately, the point is for you to experience a sense of freedom and emotional peace from the past psychological unresolved issues.
Some of the results include:

Living in the moment
Experiencing emotional peace with oneself and in relationships
Having control over the choices you make in life
Experiencing self-love
Feeling alive again

Dr. Simina uses hypnotherapy techniques to explore, understand, and transform the unconscious negative choices into positive and beneficial ones. The techniques included are:
Guided imagery, which is a mental visualization to improve mood and/or physical well-being
Past-life regression, based on the work of Brian Weiss M.D., (according to Dr. Weiss, many phobias and ailments are rooted in past-life experiences whose acknowledgment by the individual can have a curative effect)

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