Val Kendall, Ph.D., M.A., Dip. Ed., C.C.C.

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Dr. Val Kendall, Registered Psychologist, Ph.D. MA. Dip.Ed. BPE. RMT, has been a practising counsellor for 20 years. She holds certification with the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, the Canadian Association for Child & Play Therapy, and the Association for Play therapy (USA). She is also a qualified Hypnotherapist in both Canada and the USA & a qualified EMDR practitioner. Add to this, training in Energy Psychology Therapeutic Methods and Val shows her versatility.

 As well as involvement in private practice, Dr. Val has contracts with a number or EAP programmes, so when calling please know if your employer has a health insurance package which covers counselling, and know with which EAP company you are.

 As an ex. Physical Education Teacher, and coach of many sports e.g. Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Netball, Tennis, Athletics, Softball, Badminton, Orienteering, Ski Instructing, Dance, Val understands problems associated for young people involved in sport and loves to work with them.

 Expressive Arts is another forte, as Val completed a 2-year course with Dr. Natalie Rogers, daughter of the famed Dr. Carl Rogers revered as a pioneer in the humanistic approach and Person-Centered Therapy. His work with Encounter Groups, and the essential importance of the client/therapist relationship changed the face of psychology during the last century. Val received a certificate in Expressive Arts after completing work with Dr. Natalie, in California. Fundamentally, Val believes people have their own inner strengths, and the therapist’s task is to have clients recognize this and embrace their strengths, helping the client to grow positively to a place of congruence when the right conditions are provided. Expressive Arts are a way for clients to grow gently in understanding of themselves. See

 Dr. Val immigrated to Canada with her husband and two children. A third child was born in Canada. After a teaching career, Dr. Val qualified as a psychologist. She has literally been a lifelong student. She understands the immigrant experience. 

Dr. Val has vast experience and numerous tools.  If you decide to work with Dr. Val, you will feel heard and affirmed. She will help you find your inner strengths. She will be your empathetic witness in building your confidence and empowerment. Quote from a ten year old client and an unrelated twenty-six year old client on entering her office, “I feel better as soon as I come in here!” Val was pretty incredulous too about those comments
  “Val's knowledge of energy medicine, spirituality and psychology make her a valuable asset. Our personal experience involved the behavioural needs of our young son, and with her gentle guidance our entire family has been enlightened to many priceless skills. We are very grateful for having found Val!”         CW
“Thank you Dr. Val, in just two sessions you let me tell my story and then you gave me the tools to disconnect with the toxic environment and help me reconnect with myself and my confidence. I feel ready to take on a new adventure! The EFT Quantum Touch works effectively and truly does recharge my energy field to be more balanced." JG

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