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The Healing Project is a non judge-mental space where empathy is highly demonstrated.

“Healing is not always gentle but when we come to peace with our wounds or begin to understand them it can be beautiful”

Vanessa owner of The Healing Project provides a Mindfulness approach during sessions. Journaling or creative exercises will be applied within sessions depending on individuals personal preference.

Vanessa has always had a passion for helping people whether it be in the capacity as an employee in the Social Services Field, volunteering at Hospitals and Schools, organizing Charity clubs and helping people understand and gain the clarity regarding their circumstances as a Counsellor.

Vanessa is a believer that empathy is a GIFT. Her passion for becoming a Life Coach and Counsellor sparked up in 2014 which eventually lead her to become a Counsellor at the Klinic and has been employed in the Social Services Field for 7 years.

Regardless of the work Vanessa pursued she always knew her purpose was to help people and to build something that's her own - which lead her to form "The Healing Project".

Vanessa highlights on implementing empathy, compassion, respect and authenticity to build a genuine relationship to whomever she speaks to. The Healing Project takes pride on treating the person as an INDIVIDUAL and to not put the issues before the person.

The Healing Project emphasizes and believes that everyone should be accessible to the form of help where it's affordable and be able to help individuals meet their goals (whether it's emotionally, mentally, and spiritually). I believe being in touch with our vulnerability is a strength and once we begin to nourish that aspect a new sense of balance is born.

We all deserve to have a voice, be heard and to nurture ourselves. The Healing Project is a space to help develop self-awareness, reflection and healing.

The Healing Project provides an hour of coaching or counseling for $55 on issues regarding:

Personal Development
Bullying Recovery
Relationship Struggles
Intimate Partner Abuse
Confidence/Self Esteem
Narcissistic Abuse Childhood Trauma
Law of attraction/Manifestation Relationships etc

Why the Healing Project?
- THP believes that everyone should be accessible to the form of help which is created to be affordable ($55/hour)
- Free 10 minute consultations on the phone is provided to ensure we have a connection
- THP also offers Skype and Email sessions
- THP understands it's not always easy to warm up when it comes to being vulnerable so depending on individuals preference exercises are journaling is included
- THP believes and values not putting the issues before the person so THP does not refer to individuals as clients.

Location: 3-877 Waverly Street
Contact number: 204-292-7058

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Winnipeg MB