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Depression Therapist

Cheryl Deaner, LMFT

Cheryl Deaner, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

842 Elizabeth Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

If you are reading this, and wondering if you might be depressed, you probably are. Even if one is used to it, depression sucks the life energy out of a person, dampening their ability to concentrate, to be creative or have hope for a good future. Depression is different from the blues, which may last just a day or two. Depression can be mild, moderate or severe, but left unchecked, it can become chronic. Please call or email me so I can help you to assess where you are right now in terms of the feelings that you are having that are holding you back from a meaningful, productive and happy life.

Depression Therapist

Jenny Liu, MEd. MFT. NLP. Confidence Coach

Online Therapist & Coach, Online Career Counselor

Online Therapist / Coach

TIRED OF FEELING DOWN ALL THE TIME? Are you struggling with insecurities, stress, and self-doubts? Are you stuck in some strange vicious cycles? I can help you go deep and identify the source of your unhappiness, take charge of your life and move on to happiness, empowerment and meaning... Counseling can help you overcome sadness, and destructive emotions. Call me for a free telephone consultation session.

Depression Therapist

Laurie Chandler, MA

LMFT 86949

416 Fair Oaks St., Ste. 414A, San Francisco, CA 94110

Depression can be relieved by getting out of your house or apartment to come to therapy. Talking to a therapist moves some of the stuck emotions and gets energy flowing even if only for a short while. By talking and other non-verbal techniques such as sandplay therapy and dreamwork, we can discover what your psyche and unconscious needs to grow and heal. Depression signifies the need to change direction. Therapy can help you see what changes you may need to make to live a happy life.

Depression Therapist

San Francisco State University

Psychology Clinic Ethnic Studies and Psychology Building, Room 240, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132

The Psychology Clinic at San Francisco State University offers low-fee individual, couple, family, and group psychotherapy to SF State students and members of the Bay Area community. The clinic is staffed by graduate students in clinical psychology, working under the supervision of licensed clinicians.

Our individual session fees typically range from $10- to $50- per session however we do not turn anyone away who is unable to pay. We work with a range of individuals from the student population to the broader community. Child and family psychotherapy is available at no cost.

Depression Therapist

Theo Reynolds, RC

Relationship Counselor

1630 Lombard St., San Francisco, CA 94123

Depression definitely has physiological components that are present because of our unique chemistry we come into the world with. But a more significant part of what causes depression is emotional problems. Our nervous system and our psyche's can be very sensitive to things that happen to us. So much so that we feel overwhelmed by these experiences. When this happen our psyche and our instinctual survival system will "depress" these feelings and experiences to try to protect us from the pain and overwhelm they can cause. This is why we have depression. So an important part of how I help you with your depression is by creating an environment where you can gently explore and heal the pains

Depression Therapist

Robert Nemerovski, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

3628 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94118

Are you feeling hopeless and looking at your life negatively most of the time? Have you lost interest in most of your formerly pleasant activities? Are you isolating yourself and feeling alienated from loved ones and friends. Are you constantly fatigued and wanting to sleep all the time? Do you have thoughts about death? I help clients decrease their suffering from depression by working together on several fronts: identify and work through current and past experiences and issues that lead to the depression; examine and modify the “depressed thinking” that tends to maintain the overwhelming symptoms of depression; develop coping skills to reduce depressive symptoms and get back to living.

Depression Therapist

Erika Shershun, MA, MFTI

Somatic Psychotherapist

465 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

Emotional or physical pain sends us the signal that something is wrong, its critical that we pay attention and hear what it has to say. We spontaneously brace against physical and emotional threats to our survival, yet ongoing resistance to the pain and our circumstances cause further pain. To avoid feelings of discomfort many attempt to numb their distress or tune it out, temporary fixes that will not end the suffering. I will support you in giving voice to what needs to be healed as you discover your individual path to freedom from ongoing depression.

Depression Therapist

Natalie M. Mills, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

870 Market St., Ste. 1055, San Francisco, CA 94102

Depression can manifest itself in different ways. It's most well-known personality takes the form of tearfulness, isolation, low self esteem, hopelessness, and negative self-talk. But did you know that depression can also show up as irritability, patterns of avoidance, aggression, and anxiety? Because of both the more popular face of depression and the stigma attached to it, people encounter difficulty in reaching out for and receiving help. It can be a really hopeless place to feel stuck. I will help you to come to a place of understanding your depression and you will learn tools to abate and manage the symptoms.

Depression Therapist

Kyle Corsiglia, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

2171 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

I will help you get out from under your depression by understanding the contributing factors that keep it in place. You will develop more mindfulness and challenge negative patterns of thought and behavior. You will practice new ways of thinking, and being to offset the negative bias of depression. You will learn to cultivate acceptance and compassion for your suffering while challenging yourself to grow and change in the ways you can.

Depression Therapist

Daryl Temkin, Daryl Temkin

Ph.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Online Therapist / Coach

There are many causes for depression and many forms of depression, from reactive depressions to deep internal depressions. Sudden depressions as well as long lasting depressions are not to be ignored. They are serious emotional responses which can benefit extensively from appropriate counseling and therapeutic interventions. Having a caring and listening ear to talk to during a time of depressive despair can be extremely healing. It is often stated that a healthy listening relationship can heal beyond measure. There are depressions which will benefit from medical interventions along with talking interventions. In general, cared for depressions will greatly improve and most will pass.

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