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Christian Counsellor

Fresh Hope Counselling, R. Psych, RSW, MSW

Registered Psychologists and Master's Level Social Workers

17321 - 108 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Christian counseling is an approach where Christian faith is integrated into the therapy. Beth Murray is not just a Christian who does counseling but she integrates faith and psychology, bringing the two together to compound and enhance results. Persons of faith will appreciate the aligning of therapy with Christian values and having a psychologist who appreciates and understands the need to consider and incorporate faith into a healing process. Beth Murray has a blend of pastoral training and Christian work experience in both church and private settings. She was a fully accredited member of the clergy with the Christian and Missionary Alliance prior to opening her private practice.

Christian Counsellor

Cheryl Shea, M.Div., RPC, MPCC

Registered Professional Counsellor, Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling

Suite 608, 10216-124 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta

With a desire to share with others the healing I had received in my life I founded the Mars Hill Centre, Edmonton in 1995. For 15 years we provided faith-based support, recovery groups and individual counselling for women and men dealing with issues such as childhood sexual abuse and other family of origin issues such as growing up in an alcoholic family, being raised by a parent with significant illness or childhood physical or verbal abuse or emotional neglect. When working specifically with Christian clients I will use a mix of inner healing/prayer ministry as well as psychological counselling technigues. As appropriate aspects of Christian spiritual direction may be used as well.

Christian Counsellor

Loussa Counselling Centre, Therapists

Registered Psychologist and Counsellors

#2020, 10060 Jasper Ave, Scotia Place, Edmonton, Alberta

Christian counselling is counselling which bridges psychology and christian teachings as a technique to achieve individual well-being. Are you finding it difficult to participate or cope in life, and could benefit from the insight of a christian, or spiritual counsellor, or psychologist? At Loussa Counsellinig Centre we take a holistic approach that embraces the mind, body, and spirit for individual wellness. We embrace spirituality as a necessary factor in achieving individual oneness, and wellness.

Christian Counsellor

Steve Jukes, M.Sc. in MFT, R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

#312, 9707 110 Street (Edmonton Psychological Group), Edmonton, Alberta

While I have my own Christian faith, it is important for any client that seeks faith-based counselling to feel as though it is their worldview, their belief system that is given credence in the room. The goal of the therapist must be to come to understand the client's experience as it pertains to the definition of their faith, and to facilitate an environment that allows change that "fits" this faith. For a client, knowing that in principle, the fundamental points of their belief system are shared by their therapist is reassuring and permits comfort and safety.

Christian Counsellor

Eva Holden, R.Psych

Registered Psychologist

#780 10339 124 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta

At your request and direction, I offer Christian counselling as a means to integrate your faith and Christian beliefs with therapy. I make every effort to uphold your beliefs and will align the therapy process with your Christian values. My goal is to provide you with a safe, respectful place to help you grow in a way that reflects and honors your relationship with God.

Christian Counsellor

Mallory Becker, M.A., R.Psyc.

Registered Psychologist

10069 80 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Through Christian Counselling, you will have the opportunity to express your feelings, your struggles, and your concerns in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Through our counselling services, we strive to restore wellness, healing and wholeness to individuals, marriages and families. We will work together to understand and pursue solutions that reflect your values and your relationship to Jesus Christ.

Christian Counsellor

SunRise Psychology Centre, LCSW, RCSW, CSW, MSW, CHT

Registered Psychologists, Registered Provisional Psychologists, Psychology Interns

#145 - 501, Bethel Drive, Sherwood Park, Alberta

We offer Christian Counselling for our patients that have found struggles in understanding and growing within one's faith. Religion can be a strong life force and allow one to draw from the teachings of the faith. We work closely with the United Church in Sherwood Park to offer premarital counselling for the couples that wish to learn and strengthen their relationship before the Wedding.

Christian Counsellor

Michelle J Buckle, MA, CCC, RDT, RPsych

Registered Psychologist

MJB Psychological Services Ltd., 10042 - 116 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Mandy was having difficulties but she still managed to feel comfort and have faith in God. Her parents divorced and she couldn’t seem to get along with either of them now. She believed they split because of her and felt worthless and alone. To help Mandy with her damaged self-esteem and disappointment, I helped her reconnect with her only source of hope - her belief in God. I used dramatic storytelling, role-playing and art. By re-enacting her own story and expressing herself through drawing and movement, she began to regain a sense of her spiritual values - self-worth, love, support, honesty, humour. This work restored her sense of being a competent, lovable person.

Christian Counsellor

Ashley Hanson, MC, R. Psych.

Registered Psychologist

#200, 6732 75 St, Edmonton, Alberta

As a Christian, I believe that God's Word is exactly what it purports to be. By using a biblically-based view of the world, my attempts to help Christian clients will utilize Scripture to challenge clients current ways of thinking and being. As a rule, I don't give homework to clients, but for those who come in with distinctly Christian challenges, my suggestions will revolve around a deepening relationship with Christ.

Christian Counsellor

AnneMarie Whitton, M.Sc. (MFT)

Registered Psychologist

#200, 6732 - 75th St., Edmonton, Alberta

Christian counselling has the added advantage of bringing God into the process. I believe that the counselling relationship is sacred and that the client's faith system is a powerful resource in healing. We are not simply individuals we are extensions of the systems we surround ourselves by and extensions of our belief system. Jesus is a powerful example of one who was subversive and one who believed deeply in loving and accepting even the sinners of his day. I believe the bottom line is that we all desire to be loved and accepted and that God can be the cornerstone of us moving forward into this realm.

Christian Counsellor

Nancy Hurst, Ph.D

Registered Psychologist

10069- 80 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta

The Bible is filled with wisdom about how to live a fulfilling life and have amazing relationships! When people incorporate the teachings from the bible into their lives, positive and loving decisions will be made. We have guidance about how to deal with anger, communicate with others, and let go of fears. God wants you to live a rewarding and peaceful life and I will help you incorporate his teachings into your life. "And all these Blessings shall come upon you and overtake you" (Deuteronomy 28:2)

Christian Counsellor

Michelle Vandegriend, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist, Certified Gottman Therapist

Suite #107, Inglewood Plaza, 24 Inglewood Drive, St. Albert, Alberta

I provide a professional and safe place where individuals can work toward their goals in counselling and integrate their Christian faith in finding hope and healing. As a psychologist and Christian myself, I help individuals explore, find strength, and integrate change while considering their mental, physical and spiritual needs in their relationship with God.

Christian Counsellor

Landor Liddell, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Education)

Registered Psychologist

#302, 10140 - 117 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

With a background in Christian Ministry, I make every effort to be sensitive to how Christian clients langauage their faith, life experience, and integrate that into our counselling sessions. As a general rule, both Christian counseling and secular counseling share the same desire to help people overcome their problems, find meaning and joy in life, and become healthy and well-adjusted individuals, both mentally and emotionally.

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Thank you for visiting our Alberta search of licensed Christian therapists in Edmonton who are committed to using Biblical based principles in their sessions with you. A licensed therapist has a minimum of a masters degree in counseling, and having the right therapist who respects and embraces your Christian beliefs is a great step forward in finding the proper help.  Counselling that is grounded in the Bible seeks to respect your spiritual walk and and uphold the values you cherish. Speak with a Christian therapist in Edmonton, Alberta today, contact forms are "open" 24/7.

Edmonton is located in Alberta, Canada. It has a land area of 685.25 square kilometers.  The population of Edmonton is nearly 1 million people with 360,828 households . The population ranking for Edmonton is #5 nationally and #2 for the province of Alberta with a density of 1360.90 people per sq km. Edmonton therapists serve postal code: T5K.