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Anger Therapist

SunRise Psychology Centre, LCSW, RCSW, CSW, MSW, CHT

Registered Psychologists, Registered Provisional Psychologists, Psychology Interns

#145 - 501, Bethel Drive, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Todays society creates pressures that at times are insurmountable. Anger is a natural consequence of being overwhelmed and feeling inadequate. At SunRise we would like to assist you in exerting control over your actions by 1) creating a delay between a trigger and your anger response 2) by developing better problem solving strategies 3) by getting to the bottom of your anger. When anger is your first response to the world ~ your need to do some serious soul searching. However you arrived at this, your choice is to find peace or forever be tormented. Anger is a raw, agonizing state that needs to be replaced by calm goal directed actions. We can help you get there!

Anger Therapist

Landor Liddell, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Education)

Registered Psychologist

#302, 10140 - 117 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Anger is a vital, reflexive emotional response that invites self-awareness, understanding, and thoughtful self-management. Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems. Anger can be suppressed, and then converted or redirected. This happens when you hold in your anger, stop thinking about it, and focus on something positive.

Anger Therapist

Tarah Hook, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist

7 Saint Anne Street, , St. Albert, Alberta

Dr. Hook has worked for many years, developing group and individual programs for anger management and helping individuals to understand and express their emotions in effective and healthy ways. By learning about the functions of anger and how to express it constructively, you can put this powerful and important emotion to work for you, versus against you. Don't let your anger hurt others or yourself any longer.

Anger Therapist

Terilyn Pott, MSc

Registered Psychologist

16761 91 st NW, Edmonton, Alberta

I have experience working with domestic violence cases, and am well versed in working with anger management issues. I provide a judgment free atmosphere to help you identify what is triggering your anger, and how best to manage it. I am a strong believer that anger is a byproduct of a stressful situation or environment, and hope to provide you with other coping tools to work through anger.

Anger Therapist

Doreen Foy, M.Sc.(MFT)

Registered Psychologist

#204 Princeton Place, 10339 - 124 St. NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Anger is a natural part of life and a very important and healthy emotion when expressed appropriately. Anger is not only an emotion, but also a physical reaction in the body. Our blood pressures and heart rate rise as does the level of adrenaline in our body. Unfortunately, when expressed inappropriately, anger can impair our judgment and thinking, causing us to act irrationally or violently towards others. Anger management is a process of learning to recognize the signs that you are becoming angry and to take positive action to deal with the emotions brought on by a situation. Anger management therapy focuses on providing methods and tools for managing and expressing it appropriately.

Anger Therapist

Loussa Counselling Centre, Therapists

Registered Psychologist and Counsellors

#2020, 10060 Jasper Ave, Scotia Place, Edmonton, Alberta

There can be a wide range of ways in learning how to express our emotions rather than by the way of anger. We work with different techniques for helping you cope while you learn different strategies to help achieve power over your anger. One technique is to find a common ground to agree-upon with another person rather then engage in a conflict with them. the use of deep breathing and meditation can be used as a means of achieving relaxation. Other interventions may include learning empathy, forgiveness, stress management skills, changing how you speak about yourself and others or learning to be more optimistic in life. The treatments are designed to be personal to each individual.

Anger Therapist

Alycia Chung, M.Ed., RPsych., CSAT

Registered Psychologist, CSAT

Edmonton Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine 11309-100 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Anger is a healthy and normal emotion in the right amounts. However, it has the capacity to disrupt your quality of life and relationships if left unchecked. It might feel good or powerful to get angry, but it often masks another emotion- one that might feel more vulnerable. Therapy with me is about exploring the emotions behind the anger and discovering ways to express them more constructively. This also includes learning relaxation and de-escalation skills.

Anger Therapist

Mallory Becker, M.A., R.Psyc.

Registered Psychologist

10069 80 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

People that have a hard time controlling their anger have difficulty dealing with pressures from other people, the outside world, other people and the way stressors impact on them. Day to day problems, negative thoughts and beliefs, loss of control, mistrust, and interpersonal relationship problems are common issues experienced by people who have difficulties managing anger. Therapy can help you explore the issues behind your anger while learning strategies to control your anger and communicate your needs. Negative thoughts and beliefs will be challenged while exploring and enhancing your personal relationships.

Anger Therapist

Steve Jukes, M.Sc. in MFT, R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

#312, 9707 110 Street (Edmonton Psychological Group), Edmonton, Alberta

Anger is a natural human response. It reflects authentic experience, and as such, is a valid indicator of how we feel in the moment. However, anger can be expressed in damaging ways that influence how we're seen by others, and how we see ourselves. Angry responses are often a reflection of deeper feelings we may have, but are unaware of. Talking about anger can help us better understand the ways we are vulnerable to it, how we might stand against it if it's destructive, what it is trying to tell us, and the underlying feelings that might be contributing to it.

Anger Therapist

Cory Hrushka, Ph.d., C.S. D.S.T. NCPC, NCCE

Registered Psychologist, Certified Diplomate of Sex Therapy

2532 Ellwood Dr SW, Edmonton, Alberta

I have had extensive training and experience in working with both anger management and domestic violence issues. I have a fundamental understanding of using cognitive behavior therapy, rational emotive therapy and Duluth model fundamentals for working with power and control issues or anger management. I have also had extensive experience in running groups, assessing anger related issues and working through the underlying issues which lead to problematic anger. EMDR has also been found to be effectively useful for working with unresolved emotional issues leading to anger problems.

Anger Therapist

Rebecca Martin, M Sc., LMHC, NCC, CCC

Canadian Certified Counselor

10250 176 St. NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Anger is a vital part of our defense system that also is both frightening and empowering. We ignore our anger at the cost of our health, relationships and well-being. In working with anger, we will explore the individual reasons you have for being angry, and how this affects your everyday life. We will learn everything about your anger, including how you experience it, and work to allow anger to be a part of your life without it ruining it.

Anger Therapist

Kevin Alderson, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist

Available for Online Therapy

[NOTE: MY OFFICE IS IN CALGARY -- I DO VIDEO SESSIONS ELSEWHERE IN ALBERTA]. Anger has gotten the better of you and it is time to do something about that now. Come see me. I have been a psychologist for 31 years and I know how to help people. I often use cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness meditation, hypnotherapy, and several other helpful methods to bring down your overall arousal level. Bring some calmness of spirit into your life right away and book a session with me by visiting

Anger Therapist

Bailey Puchyr-Chartier, M.C.

Registered Psychologist

#106, 14 Mission Ave, St. Albert, Alberta

Anger can be one of the more misunderstood emotions. It can be just anger, or it can be the face of underlying hurt, shame and loneliness. I work with clients to faciliate a greater understanding of the meaning of thier anger, where it comes from and what is supporting it. It is this increase in understanding that then helps us move forward to improved coping and management of these intense emotions.

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