Priya Bains, M.A.

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  • Registered Psychologist, Certified Hakomi Therapist
  • 300, 10240-124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5N 3W6
  • Phone: 780 801 0606
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  • Session Fees: $180 for 50 mins; $288 for 80 mins
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

I work with, but not exclusively, individual's who present anxiety, depression, workplace stress, divorce/separation issues, infidelity, and loss of intimacy in relationships.  My practice consists of adults, individually and as a couple.  

I work as a mind-body therapist thus clients get more than traditional "talk therapy", they receive an experience of change in the room that they can build on outside of the therapy room.  My recent interest has been working with couples that are struggling to find the intimacy in their relationship.

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