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Couples Counsellor

Tamara Hanoski, Ph.D, R.Psych

Registered Psychologist

9690 182 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

I often work with couples who are struggling in an effort to develop effective communcation, express feelings appropriately, overcome infidelity, deal with parenting conflicts, address unresolved issues, establish more of a connection with one another, adjust to various life transitions (such as having a baby), and deal with day-to-day struggles (such as housework). I use a variety of techniques to address these difficulties, with the ultimate goal of establishing a sense of goodwill and connection, so that each partner has empathy and support for the other, and they can create a sense of being a true team as they navigate life together.

Couples Counsellor

Rebecca Martin, M Sc., LMHC, NCC, CCC

Canadian Certified Counselor

10250 176 St. NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Grow as an individual and as a couple in couples counselling. Learn how to understand each other's emotional "hot buttons" and communicate loving support to deepen connection. Each of us has our leftovers from previous relationships that have an impact on our desire for closeness with our partners. You and your partner can learn to ask clearly for what you need, and understand how each other feels with mindful attention to your own feelings and desires.

Couples Counsellor

Fresh Hope Counselling, R. Psych, RSW, MSW

Registered Psychologists and Master's Level Social Workers

17321 - 108 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Beth Murray works with couples who are proactive and wanting to improve their relationship. Counselling offers an objective support for couples working through issues related to transition, loss and stress. If your situation is deeply conflicted and you are looking towards divorce, Beth Murray is not the therapist for you. She is only open to working with couples who are being proactive and wanting to enhance a relationship wherein both partners are willing and committed to a process of relational health and improvement. Some sessions may be done individually. If you want to tune-up a relationship to make it even more rewarding, we can help!

Couples Counsellor

Laura Kennedy, MA, R. Psych.

Registered Psychologist

11309-100 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta

Relationships need care and attention. When our relationship goes off the rails, it is hard to feel connected to feelings of joy, love, and enthusiasm. Each individual in a partnership contributes to the relationship’s health. When you come for couples counselling support, I work for your relationship, and address any individual behaviours that undermine its well-being. I help you find ways to clarify issues, communicate effectively and reconnect.

Couples Counsellor

Paul Sussman, Ph.D., L.Psych.(AB), L.Psych.(GA)

Licensed Psychologist, Alberta and Georgia

14307 - 80 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

I have a significant caseload of relationship therapy clients. I am comfortable with essentially any type of relationship taking place between consenting adults. I accept the orientation(s) of the parties to a relationship, and am as a rule able to come from there. If I have a bias, it is to preserve the being of the relationship, the "we" that emerges when one and another form a bond. My bias notwithstanding, I am able to assist parties to a relationship to achieve a more peaceful separation/termination when that is their choice.

Couples Counselor

Inga Gusarova, MSc, CCC

Certified Canadian Counsellor

Available for Online Therapy

Problems are a normal part of relationships. Yet if these problems are greater than your ability to deal with them well, couple therapy may help. I work with many couples: straight and LGBTQ+, married or not. I follow what research tells us about the shared ideas in all effective couple therapies. It means understanding your patterns and building on your strengths. My goal is to help both of you to (1) find a different view of your difficulties -- one that opens doors for doing something different; (2) build better emotional bond; and (3) improve your skills in communication and conflict resolution. I work online across Canada and in-person in Calgary.

Couples Counsellor

Nancy Hurst, Ph.D

Registered Psychologist

10069- 80 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta

Relationships can be very difficult and sometimes feel hopeless. They are often the source of our greatest joy and our most pain. If people are willing to grow and change relationships can be tranformed and distress can be turned into happiness. Often couples find it hard to really listen to each other, which leads to misunderstandings. In counselling couples have the opportunity to share their perspective in a controlled enviornment enabling them to get past defensivness and move to listening, understanding and healing.

Couples Counsellor

Steve Jukes, M.Sc. in MFT, R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

#312, 9707 110 Street (Edmonton Psychological Group), Edmonton, Alberta

We are the biological product of our parents, but are no less the emotional product of the families we come from. By better understanding the hurts, fears, and insecurities, the roles, habits, and patterns that we have brought into our romantic relationships, we are permitted to give - and get - the most out of them. By better understanding ourselves and our partners, we open up communication, foster mutual respect in relating and stronger attachment, and find that collaborative solutions to couples issues are easier to find.

Couples Counsellor

Ashley Hanson, MC, R. Psych.

Registered Psychologist

#200, 6732 75 St, Edmonton, Alberta

At Base Counselling, couples therapy focuses on communication and connection. We discuss ways to build trust, increase communication, and connect to one another's emotions.

Couples Counsellor

Priya Bains, M.A.

Registered Psychologist, Certified Hakomi Therapist

300, 10240-124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

When working with couples, my focus is the "relationship". It is my goal to understand the relationship that two people have created; to explore what works and does not work in the relationship. My focus is to create awareness for a couple as to how they maintain and reinforce the existing relationship patterns that may not necessarily work. A new way of relating can then be formed once the relationship is understood. The goal in couples counselling is to create Intimacy in a relationship, yet this can only be formed with safety and vulnerability.

Couples Counsellor

Jim Chalmers, M.A.

Registered Psychologist

#302, 10140 - 117 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Couples will experience increased ability to sort out conflicts and differences. They will be able to bring a greater joy in being with each other and have an increased sense of friendship. The therapy sessions will be solution focused and related to the coping strategies and the outcome of the relationship. Couples therapy relates back to the history of problems, targeting emotions and creating a agent of change.

Couples Counsellor

Emma Drebit, MSc. (Marital & Family Therapy)

Registered Psychologist

9749-111 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Emma recognizes that relationships are unique and complex, and that life changes quickly leaving relationships vulnerable. Emotional injuries, whether intentional or unintentional, can often leave issues unresolved and impact trust, emotional intimacy and security. Emma uses a non-judgemental, neutral approach and focuses on enhancing the couples' attachment, strengthening security and trust. Emma facilitates changing unhelpful patterns into ones that are supportive and allow the couple to work together. Emma helps partners identify their own needs within the relationship and how these can be met. Therapy may also address intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, boundaries, & parenting.

Couples Counsellor

Linda Tilley, M.Ed, R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

201, 10425 Princess Elizabeth Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

When faced with the challenges of everyday life, a relationship that began as loving and nurturing can start to feel draining and toxic. Instead of validating and strengthening each other, partners engage in a power struggle. It should not be surprising that this power struggle leads to loneliness rather than security, and to a loss of intimacy. In order to re-build the relationship, each partner needs to learn to take risks, to communicate directly, and to be clear about their needs and expectations in the relationship. In couple counseling I help couples to move towards more direct communication and resolution of old hurts so that safety and intimacy can be restored.

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