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Family Therapist

Janice A. Graham, Ph.D., RCC

Psychotherapist - Professional Therapy by Phone & Email

547 Michigan Street, Suite 203, Victoria, British Columbia

What affects one member of a family affects all the members. The troubles of couples affect their children. A huge challenge is finding successful way to blend families created by new partnerships and figuring out good step parenting and step children strategies. Love and optimism turn out not to be enough to ensure happy family life. In counseling we will talk about communication, finances, trust, sexuality and many other issues. You will learn new skills and increase in self esteem and confidence. Other family units who may seek counselling are, for example, a mother and daughter or brothers and sisters. They may want to clear up misunderstandings and enjoy a more satisfying relationship.

Family Therapist

Teryl Schollaardt, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker (Clinical Specialization)

#103, 10418 - 99 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Families have rules, even if they are unspoken ones. When one person in a family breaks the rules or is experiencing problems or makes a change, the other family members feel it and either react or make a change themselves (systems theory). I base my work with families on this theory and use emotion focused therapy to help the family understand each other and resolve conflict or other difficulties.

Family Therapist

Mallory Becker, M.A., R.Psyc.

Registered Psychologist

10069 80 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Families can be one of the most rewarding human experiences and the most difficult experiences . I work with various types of families and work with issues from everyone involved. I can help you enrich your current relationships or help with problems such as conflict, arguing, lack of family connection, communication difficulties or understanding past experiences in a positive and safe environment. Several formats are used including counselling individually (such as only one family member solely attending counselling or the entire family. Families have the opportunity to grow individually and together.

Family Therapist

Inga Gusarova, MSc, CCC

Certified Canadian Counsellor

Available for Online Therapy

Family therapy is not only about kids or teenagers. Adult families could use help too! Dealing with significant life stresses or mental illness could affect the entire family. Or you may want to address long-standing tensions, or handle a family business where each generation sees things differently. Whatever it is, I aim to (1) help you understand each other and the patterns you may be stuck in, (2) find common goals, (3) build on your strengths, and (4) improve your skills. I work online, and research on online therapy for children is very limited. So my family therapy is for adults only.

Family Therapist

Sabrina Ragan, M.Sc., CCC, CPT, RPsych.

Registered Psychologist

#205, 9804 100 Avenue, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Keystone Child and Family Therapy provides a systems approach to counseling, which includes marital and family therapy. Each family is unique in their strengths as well as their needs and Keystone aims to highlight these in the road to wellbeing. This type of therapy focuses on the interaction between family members to increase healthy attachment and positive relationships. Family therapy is offered in combination with play therapy for children to help strengthen parent-child relationships as well as support a child through their own counseling process.

Family Therapist

Karen Gustafson, CCC

Canadian Clinical Counsellor

#104, 9814 - 97 St., Grande Prairie, Alberta

Dysfunctions in families occur in a variety of forms; thus in working with families, I use a variety of theoreetical models including Family Systems, Satir, Attachment Theory, Observed Experiential Integration, and Gottman. I am committed to seeing each family member respected and having their needs met. To accomplish this, I may meet with the entire family, or one on one accordingly.

Family Therapist

Michelle Morand, Online, Phone and In Person Support

M.A. Counselling; Internet, Phone, and In Person Counseling

Skype/Internet/Phone support worldwide, Grande Prairie, Alberta

When a client comes to us to work through their anxiety, depression, eating disorder, or addiction patterns we know that somewhere out there is at least one person who wants to help if they can. We see this is a powerful opportunity for the whole family to heal and grow. It it key that families understand what is truly impacting all those involved; how each member is seeing the situation and their role in it; and what each person really needs in order to feel safe, loved, and trusting of each other. Regardless of how divided family members may be, if there is a desire to connect and a willingness to take responsibility for their part, healing will happen. We are here to help you.

Family Therapist

Shirley Karseboom, PhD, RPsych

Registered Psychologist

Solutions Psychological Services, #103 10418 99 Ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Wishing there was less conflict and increased harmony in the family? Not sure how to manage various problems that seems to cause the same fights over and over again? Family therapy can help each family member see how they impact each other and learn to work together in more productive ways (improve communications, manage and solve family problems and create a more positive home environment for everyone).

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Grande Prairie is located in Alberta, Canada. It has a land area of 132.73 square kilometers.  The population of Grande Prairie is 63,166 people with 23,676 households . The population ranking for Grande Prairie is #88 nationally and #9 for the province of Alberta with a density of 475.90 people per sq km. Grande Prairie therapists serve postal code: T8V.