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Anger Therapist

Karen Gustafson, CCC

Canadian Clinical Counsellor

#104, 9814 - 97 St., Grande Prairie, Alberta

People get angry for different reasons, and therefore therapy for anger may vary accordingly. Some become angry due to unmet needs; some people have observed anger regularly growing up, while others may have survived a traumatic event or abuse, leaving them angry and wondering why it happened. Observed & Experiential Integration is helpful in reducing anger's intensisty, bringing a greater sense of calm, self-control, and clear thinking. One client shared: "Karen I thought I'd never get past having to manage or control my anger... but I'm just not an angry person anymore".

Anger Therapist

Shirley Karseboom, PhD, RPsych

Registered Psychologist

Solutions Psychological Services, #103 10418 99 Ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Uncontrolled and persistent anger impacts all aspect of a person's life. It can cause problems with relationships, maintaining jobs and heath problems. There are times when it is appropriate to be angry but there are also times where anger may be used in destructive or hurtful ways. Learning to mange anger and choose other ways to respond to situations can be worked on in a therapeutic setting. If you are finding anger is causing difficulties in your life and want to learn alternative ways to manage your anger, therapy can help.

Anger Therapist

Janice A. Graham, Ph.D., RCC

Psychotherapist - Professional Therapy by Phone & Email

547 Michigan Street, Suite 203, Victoria, British Columbia

Anger is a natural response to situations that upset or threaten us. Anger in itself is not bad but it is how we express it that can lead to problems. We can damage our relationships and get into trouble with the law if we release our anger inappropriately. We may use anger to frighten and control other people. Anger can make us physically sick. Anger management counseling will include looking at your anger patterns, identifying the triggers and coaching you in appropriate anger release techniques.To understand your anger better we will look at the story of your life from your earliest memory. You will be happier and healthier when you show better control of your reactions when you are upset

Anger Therapist

Lisa Schlosser, Registered Psychologist (AB)

Registered Psychologist

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Anger is a normal, natural emotion that may range in intensity. Anger is usually a healthy response to things that irritate or even threaten us in some way. It may also be a response that occurs with other feelings such as sadness, grief, or even shame. Anger can affect more than just our thoughts; it can impair our actions at a nervous system level. Unhelpful strategies for dealing with strong emotion can impact the likelihood of carrying out good, and preferred, intentions and instead leave use with hurtful, and sometimes detrimental, outcomes. Lisa can help you learn to address strong emotion at a mind-body level.

Anger Therapist

Mallory Becker, M.A., R.Psyc.

Registered Psychologist

10069 80 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

People that have a hard time controlling their anger have difficulty dealing with pressures from other people, the outside world, other people and the way stressors impact on them. Day to day problems, negative thoughts and beliefs, loss of control, mistrust, and interpersonal relationship problems are common issues experienced by people who have difficulties managing anger. Therapy can help you explore the issues behind your anger while learning strategies to control your anger and communicate your needs. Negative thoughts and beliefs will be challenged while exploring and enhancing your personal relationships.

Anger Therapist

Teryl Schollaardt, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker (Clinical Specialization)

#103, 10418 - 99 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Anger is considered to be a secondary emotion in that it is usually caused by a primary emotion such as sadness, pain or fear. Understanding the reason for anger is the first step in learning to resolve or control it. Using "I messages," learning about setting boundaries and communicating assertively are some of the strategies that can be learned in therapy.

Anger Therapist

Kalua Rhody, B.A., M.A., Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist

Northwest Wellness Centre 10031 100 ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Ever heard of the fight-flight reflex? This occurs when an organism mobilizes to neutralize or move away from perceived threat. Circulation is constricted, heart rate increases, and muscles become tense and ready to act. The logical, social, more evolved part of the brain shuts down while the primitive regions become more active. We can't think straight because our bodies say it's action time. Sound familiar? If your anger is a problem, understanding this basic brain science is one of the first steps in learning how to manage it more effectively. Together we will explore your triggers and you will learn new, healthier ways of dealing with this reflex.

Anger Therapist

Michelle Morand, Online, Phone and In Person Support

M.A. Counselling; Internet, Phone, and In Person Counseling

Skype/Internet/Phone support worldwide, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Anger is a coping strategy. It is a natural human response to a threat and it always arises when we feel sad or scared, or both. There is a way to feel and express anger that allows you to be heard and understood fully and that doesn't leave you feeling judged or shamed, by yourself or others, for how you've behaved or spoken. The solution lies first in understanding how you are perceiving the situation that triggers you to react as you do. Once you can truly understand that you can change it, before you get to the boiling point. This means you have less anxiety and guilt to struggle with, fewer apologies to offer, and more safe, loving and intimate connections in your life.

Anger Therapist

Kevin Alderson, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist

Available for Online Therapy

[NOTE: MY OFFICE IS IN CALGARY -- I DO VIDEO SESSIONS ELSEWHERE IN ALBERTA]. Anger has gotten the better of you and it is time to do something about that now. Come see me. I have been a psychologist for 31 years and I know how to help people. I often use cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness meditation, hypnotherapy, and several other helpful methods to bring down your overall arousal level. Bring some calmness of spirit into your life right away and book a session with me by visiting

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Grande Prairie is located in Alberta, Canada. It has a land area of 132.73 square kilometers.  The population of Grande Prairie is 63,166 people with 23,676 households . The population ranking for Grande Prairie is #88 nationally and #9 for the province of Alberta with a density of 475.90 people per sq km. Grande Prairie therapists serve postal code: T8V.