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Family Therapist

Laurie Hamer, BA/BEd.; MC

Registered Psychologist; CCC

518 - 5th Street South, Lethbridge, AB, Alberta

As a family therapist, I use a systems perspective and a solution-focused approach. Family members discover the unique dynamics of their family system while moving forward by drawing on the strengths and resources identified in counselling. Rather than maintaining a problem-focused stance, solution-focused family counselling empowers clients while helping them focus on a hopeful future together.

Family Therapist

Lethbridge Family Services Counselling

1107 2nd Avenue 'A' North, Lethbridge, Alberta

Families are the foundation of life and community, so it is natural that at times these groups of individuals struggle with liking, communicating and just plain existing with each other. Whether it is conflict resolution, learning to communicate or any other struggles; Lethbridge Family Services therapists work with you to enhance the kindness and gratitude to bring balance back to each individual so the family can live harmoniously again.

Family Therapist

Sandra Annis, Counselling Psychologist

Registeresd Counselling Psychologist

1715 9 Ave South, Lethbridge, Alberta

The family unit often has to deal with problems that affect the mental health of a family member, such as divorce, death of a family member, or chronic illness among other family challenges. Under these circumstances, Sandra provides a forum in which every individual is a part of the problem-solving and his/her needs and expectations are addressed and where every voice is heard and honoured. Family counselling can be especially useful when parenting through divorce, reducing conflict in the home, and deciding on the care of the elderly. Family Therapy can range from a few sessions to multiple workshops over a period of time, depending on the needs and goals of the family.

Family Therapist

Bonnie Lee, Ph.D.

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Social Worker

432 7th Street South, , Downtown Lethbridge, Alberta

In an individualistic society, we easily overlook how tightly inter-connected we are to those closest to us, especially family members. When one family member has a problem, everyone gets affected. Family therapy helps bring people in the family together to discuss a symptom or a problem that has developed with one family member but is affecting everyone else. I open up this family communication in a safe and sensitive manner, help family members hear and respond to each other, diffusing tensions and help the problem to resolve. Often clients tell me what they learn in family therapy makes them more effective at work and with extended family as well.

Family Therapist

Inga Gusarova, MSc, CCC

Certified Canadian Counsellor

Available for Online Therapy

Family therapy is not only about kids or teenagers. Adult families could use help too! Dealing with significant life stresses or mental illness could affect the entire family. Or you may want to address long-standing tensions, or handle a family business where each generation sees things differently. Whatever it is, I aim to (1) help you understand each other and the patterns you may be stuck in, (2) find common goals, (3) build on your strengths, and (4) improve your skills. I work online, and research on online therapy for children is very limited. So my family therapy is for adults only.

Family Therapist

Kelly Cook, M.A. R.C.C.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

1274 3rd Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta

I don’t take sides. I don’t identify anyone in the group as “the bad guy” who needs to change. Rather I emphasize that hurting people often hurt others. Therefore, hurting people in the family will be hurting those closest to them; one way or another. It is my desire that we avoid the use of the word “Normal”, choosing instead to use the words “Healthy or Unhealthy”. Understanding the role and importance of boundaries and that they are always in a state of ongoing change as the members of these family grow and develop as individuals is vital to successful family therapy. I also emphasize the need to replace “Judgement” with “Curiosity” and “Discernment”.

Family Therapist

Nadine Duckworth, M.Ed., CCC, RPsych (provisional)

Registered Provisional Psychologist, Certified Canadian Counsellor

316 13 St. S., #200 (corner door, upstairs), Lethbridge, Alberta

Parent and child relationships, or sibling relationships, can be difficult at times. In therapy, I provide a safe and neutral environment for family members to openly discuss troublesome issues, learn communication and conflict resolution skills, and work towards improving family relationships. I help clients to express themselves in healthy productive ways, feel heard and acknowledged, listen and understand each other at a deeper level, and uncover mutually agreeable solutions.

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Lethbridge is located in Alberta, Canada. It has a land area of 122.09 square kilometers.  The population of Lethbridge is 92,729 people with 37,575 households . The population ranking for Lethbridge is #59 nationally and #5 for the province of Alberta with a density of 759.50 people per sq km. Lethbridge therapists serve postal code: T1J.