Stress, PTSD and Anxiety Therapists in Vaughan, NS.

Licensed professional counselling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in Vaughan, Nova Scotia.

Anxiety Counsellor

Christine Fall Moore, MC (Appl Psych), G.D.Ed.Coun., RCT

Registered Counselling Therapist / Certified Psychotherapist

Within driving distance of Vaughan

Anxiety is a common yet complex complaint. There are different sources of anxiety. Through evolution we have been hardwired to experience fear. It takes practise and a good therapeutic alliance to overcome habitual patterns. My approach with certain clients is centered on the model of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. There will be times that a combination of therapies will best suit the needs of clients. Other therapies that may be used include those that have been shown to help reduce symptoms of anxiety mainly therapies including emotion focus, Mindfulness Meditation practises, autosuggestion and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Clients struggling with stress and anxiety who work with....

Anxiety Counsellor

Kelly Copeland, CCC, RCT, CTRS

Registered Counselling Therapist, Canadian Certified Counselor, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Within driving distance of Vaughan

Benefits you will experience: - Relaxation Training to reduce any symptoms. - Education in Self-Care, Nutrition and Exercise. - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- When we worry our thoughts can become fearful and distorted. This can affect how we feel and act. This therapy is used to help you interpret and replace troubling thoughts with more realistic thoughts. Once these skills are learned they can be applied to any stressful event that arises in your life. - Jungian Psychotherapy tools may also be used to assist you in working through overwhelming feelings. As you acknowledge and experience these feelings methods will be used to move you toward newfound awareness, healing and relief

Anxiety Counsellor

Mike Buckley, PhD Psych, MA Coun, RCT, CCC.

Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT)

Within driving distance of Vaughan

If depression is the common cold of mental health then anxiety and stress must be the flue. Most of my clients have some level of anxiety or stress. Often debilitating anxiety has its roots in trauma or abuse. I teach a wide range of meditation and relaxation techniques developed over my 30+ years of counselling experience that I use myself on a daily basis - with variations that my clients over the years have come up with on their own. Even if you have tried to relax or meditate before this and found it difficult or impossible, there are techniques that can help you learn to be still and have peace even in the face of danger, anxiety, or fear.

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