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Anger Therapist

Christine Vestervelt, M.A. (Psych.)

Clinical and Counselling Psychological Associate

4467 Farmer's Way, Ottawa, Ontario

In addition to teaching some tips and tools for dealing with anger, I like to help the client get to the root of what is causing his/her anger. It's only when you get down to the cause and then help the person to make changes at this deeper level, that anger issues are dealt with in a more comprehensive and permanent fashion rather than the person being on best behaviour for a while with the likelihood of returning to previous patterns.

Anger Therapist

François Levert, MA, MA


35B 5330 Canotek rd. , Ottawa, Ontario

We can't change how others drive in heavy traffic or how others can just be plain inconsiderate. Anger is a part of life. Rage however needs attention. If you find yourself feeling anger beyond what you feel is appropriate for a situation or feel rage when hurt or loved ones are hurt there is help available. Let's explore what all this means for you. Your triggers and your reactions and work with evidence-based techniques to make your life better.

Anger Therapist

Cynthia Schoppmann, MA, CCC

Canadian Certified Counsellor

110 Bearbrook Road, Suite 206, Blackburn Hamlet, Ontario

Helping clients understand their anger - what is triggering them, where this anger is stemming from and healthier ways to cope with the pain and hurt often found behind angry behaviours. Explore various strategies to communicate their emotions (whether it be anger, frustration, pain, hurt, suffering, etc) in a healthier way to those around them. Helping clients understand the impact of their anger and their behaviours on those around them (whether it be in the workplace, with family or friends).

Anger Therapist

Ros Macdonald, BA, MSW, RSW

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Unit 125 - 2111 Montreal Rd., Ottawa, Ontario

My intention is to support you. Anger is a mask, covering over our more vulnerable feelings of fear, sadness, or hurt underneath. Anger can also come out as an overreaction to a present situation, fueled by past hurts.. I can offer you relaxation exercises and handouts to help you heal & learn to let go. An important 1st step is to develop awareness of what your triggers are. Feelings of anger can also be positive, signalling to us that something in our lives needs to be changed . How do you want to deal with your anger so it is safe for others to be around you? How can you use your thinking as well as your heart to decide how you wish to respond to situations that trigger you?

Anger Therapist

Michael Hart, M.A., CCC

Certified Canadian Counsellor

1825 St. Joseph Blvd, Ottawa, Ontario

Counsellors at Elim, in addition to knowing anger management techniques, are trained in getting to the root of anger. Clients not only learn how to control anger but also come to understand what is the emotional wound behind the tendency to be angry. Our approach not only controls the anger but help clients heal from the psychological pain that might be driving the anger. Many of our clients report that once they have dealt with painful issues of the past, they become much more at peace with themselves and with others.

Anger Therapist

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

Grey Matters International and the work of Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D approaches issues of anger management in a very humane yet fresh perspective. You see, anger is a normal emotion but it is the valence (intensity) as well as the coupling choice of what one does with this that is the problem. Telling someone to "not" do it or modifying behavior with a trite psychological plan that only breeds a compliant response is not the way to change anger. Brainwave optimization is a new cutting edge technology that allows one to rewire circuitry responsible for reactivity driving the anger. Contact Grey Matters International, Inc now at or 877-606-6161.

Anger Therapist

Jennifer Shneer, AWCCA, M.S.W., RSW, CT

Registered Social Worker

Available for Online Therapy

Let's face it, we can all get angry! While feeling anger is a natural part of being human, it’s helpful to think about skillful ways to work with it that result in healthy living, rather than feelings of regret about what you said or did. We will look at your anger triggers and come up with some anger management techniques that can assist you.

Anger Therapist

Olga Salgado-Lacroix, RSW

Registered Social Worker

1344 Youville Dr., Orleans, Ontario

Anger usually comes as a result of feeling that something unfair is happening. Usually, individuals who experience anger problems, have mixed emotions and do not know how to properly communicate what those emotions are all bout, and end up reacting in ways that are less than desirable and this creates further conflict and regret. I invite individuals to look at the anger from a new and fresh perspective that allows them to understand the root cause of it. By understanding where the anger is coming from, individuals are then able to find lasting solutions that improve not only their feelings of anger, but also their communication skills and interactions with others.

Anger Therapist

Tressa Porter, M.A.

Registered Psychotherapist and Consultant

Available for Online Therapy

Anger is probably the most misunderstood emotions and also one of our most valuable tools. Many of us have expereinced anger as abusive, brutal or scary. But don't confuse the feeling of anger with it's expression. The flip side of anger is passion. When we are really anger we are very passionate! We care deeply about something. Regardless of how it looks, anger is always a call for change. If we understand it and use anger to work for us, it never has to become large or mean. Instead it is like an inner advocate working for us with clarity and firmness createing the changes we need. I will work with you to harness your anger and get it working for you rather than against you!

Anger Therapist

Kim Maillet, B. Ed, MA, CCC

Registered Psychotherapist

773 Percifor Way, Orleans, Ontario

We can help you manage your anger in more healthy ways. Anger is an emotion, and like any other emotion, it is not "bad". What we do with our anger is what can cause pain to ourselves and to those around us. We all have the need to feel understood. Often, anger presents itself when we feel controlled or feel we do not have choices. We can help you learn to recognize what makes you angry and help you learn how to meet your needs in more productive ways.

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