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Bruce Taylor, B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Div.

Individual Couple Family Counsellor, Sex Addiction Counsellor
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Within Driving Distance of Waterdown, ON

I am an Individual, Couple & Family Counsellor, a Sex Addiction Counsellor, and an Emotionally Focused Counsellor. I was trained by Dr. Susan Johnson, "The best couple therapist in the world" (Dr. John Gottman). At age 66, I also have experienced many of life's valleys.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Individual Counselling (8 +)
  • Sex Addiction (+ Partners)
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem
  • Separation & Blended Families
  • Purpose & Goals in Life

Tressa Porter, M.A.

Therapist and Consultant
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Online Therapist / Coach

Anywhere, anytime! Access help when you need it! Therapy that fits your life and joins you on your journey.
As a therapist, I am a skilled guide through the often overwhelming terrain of feelings. I create a safe space with you to feel the fullness of your life and to make sense of your experience . This leads to empowerment from the inside out.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Attachment Issues
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Abuse - Past And Present
  • Self Esteem
  • Health And Wellness

Mary Anne Bedington, M.Div., RMFT

Hope and Possibilities Counselling
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Waterdown, ON, Waterdown, ON L0R 2H5

Mary Anne is a registered individual, couple and family therapist with over 20 years experience. She works to reconnect people with a sense of hope and possibility, and believes that therapy is most effective when it is engaging, collaborative and client centred.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Bereavement/Grief & Loss
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Trauma/EMDR
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Christian Counselling
  • Couple/Marriage
  • Clinical Supervision

Bayridge Counselling Centre

Individual, Couples, and Family Counselling
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Within Driving Distance of Waterdown, ON

At Bayridge you get a counselor, and a multi-disciplinary team of specialists! Rarely is there just one issue! Therefore our strength is the breadth of our amazing team. After serving 40,000 individuals and families in the community for over 25 years, we know people!

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Couple/Family Counselling
  • Individual Counselling
  • Children/Adolescents
  • Addictions
  • Depression/Anxiety/Stress
  • Anger Management
  • Sexual Addictions
  • Grief/Trauma

Angela Saunders, Ph.D., C.Psych.

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Within Driving Distance of Waterdown, ON

I use an integrative approach drawing upon the theory/practice that best works for you and your life events. Working together may involve understanding how your past is impacting you today and/or focus on developing coping strategies for issues in your daily life.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Attachment
  • Couples & Separation Counselling
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Parenting
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Coping Skills
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