Angela Kingma, BA, MA

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  • Registered Psychotherapist- Qualifying
  • West Lincoln, Ontario, L0R 2A0
  • Phone: 905-788-8171
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  • Session Fees: Individual session $130, Couples session $150
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

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Free 15 minute video or phone meet & greet

What can I help you with?

*relationship struggles, connections
*marital conflict, feeling seen or heard, dealing with partner conflict
*Stress, anxiety, mood disorders*coping skills, boundaries, self-care
*emotional regulation, anger
*past traumas and abuse
*parenting, co-parenting
*spiritual and Christian concerns
*forgiveness of self and others

*anger, self-control
*grief and trauma 
Benefits of working with me
I will meet you where you are at, it is all about you
I will walk alongside you in your healing and growth journey
You are safe with me, I am here to listen
I welcome you with empathy and compassion

I do not judge and will show you respect
I can help you reframe experiences in your life which lead to negative thought processes 
What methods do I use?

 Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)*EFT believes that emotions should be used to guide healthy and meaningful lives
*EFT sees that emotions are experienced physically, causing physiologic changes which influence thinking, determine our responses and guide our actions
*EFT helps you evaluate whether emotions are helpful or unhelpful 
*EFT teaches you to learn to use helpful emotions to guide thoughts and actions
*EFT helps you learn how to identify the source of unhelpful emotions and to change them
*EFT helps you develop alternative, healthy ways of coping with situations that often elicit maladaptive emotions

Gottman Method*assists couples in achieving a deeper sense of understanding, awareness, empathy, and connectedness within their relationships leading to heightened intimacy and interpersonal growth
*focuses on helping poor communication and managing conflict
*helps in sharing new fondness and admiration
*helps you learn how to turn towards (as opposed to turning away from each other)
*helps you view your partner as a friend, not an adversary
*helps create shared meaning, trust and commitment

Person-Centered Therapy (PCT)*empathetic approach that empowers and motivates
*believes that every human being strives for and has the capacity to fulfill his or her own potential
*empowers clients towards personal growth and change

*offers unconditional positive regard to facilitating change
Positive and Strengths-based 
*focus on your personal strengths to move you forward
*discovery of the strengths within your support network
 *help you focus on optimism, good past experiences
*self-esteem, self-awareness, coping skills 
*Individual Psychotherapy $130/50-minute session

*Couples Psychotherapy $150/50-minute session
 Psychology billing is also available for those who require Psychology billing
*All of Ontario- Virtual sessions
*Hamilton- In person

*Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Gerontology
*Masters in Counselling Psychotherapy

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Niagara Falls ON