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Welcome to my psychotherapy practice. My work is dedicated to helping individuals and couples achieve greater satisfaction in their lives and relationships. You may be seeking help in a time of crisis or stress, or perhaps you’ve considered therapy for a while but keep putting it off. Either way, you don’t have to figure things out alone. Choosing a therapist can be a difficult and at times overwhelming process whether you are familiar with therapy or considering it for the first time. I appreciate the importance of making the right match, and believe the benefit you receive from therapy is directly related to your feeling of comfort and connection with your therapist.
 Individual Psychotherapy
Are you suffering from emotional pain, frustrated by challenging life circumstances, discouraged by unfulfilling relationships, stuck in some way, or just generally stirred up by the vague sense that something is not working? You don’t have to endure these problems without hope. Or help.
I work with individuals in psychotherapy to not only reduce suffering but also develop a greater capacity for love, work, and creativity. You may be seeking to:
  • Overcome feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness
  • Discover meaning and purpose in their lives
  • Gain confidence, self-esteem, self-understanding, and a sense of vitality
  • Improve the quality of their relationships
  • Change old, unfulfilling patterns or the feeling of being stuck

I consider these to be broad life and/or treatment goals that are often addressed in my work with any patient, whether explicit or not. More specific conditions or circumstances I treat include, but are not limited to: relationship difficulties, trauma and abuse, grief and loss, eating and body image issues, sexual issues, family of origin issues, LGBTQ issues, career issues, life transitions, and personal growth.
Couple Therapy
Do you and your partner have frequent arguments, feel disconnected or misunderstood, struggle with issues related to insecurity, sex, infidelity, parenting, or a new life event? Or do you feel like things are going along pretty well but you would like to strengthen your relationship and improve communication? I work with couples facing these among other challenges.
Often couples find themselves repeatedly drawn in to conflicts with similar content (money, parenting, sharing responsibilities, sex) or form (one approaches, the other withdraws; one asserts, the other submits, but resents). Over time these patterns of relating to one another can interfere with the feelings of love, intimacy, and connectedness we desire in our relationships. In couple therapy, I strive to create a safe, fair, and collaborative environment in which each partner can freely express thoughts and feelings and come to feel heard and understood. I also help couples identify and alter the troublesome patterns in their relationships, often with insight into how they developed in the first place. By recognizing when problems in the present interaction are connected to past relational experiences, we are able to interrupt the cycle of conflict and blame, expand the capacity for empathy and understanding, and allow for the possibility of new ways of relating to emerge in the therapy.  
I welcome LGBT/queer couples and people in nontraditional relationships.
About Me and My Approach
My approach to psychotherapy is to explore, collaboratively, aspects of your thoughts, feelings, and actions that are not fully realized or understood, especially as they are experienced in the therapy relationship. Often there are things we seem not to want to know. We tend to look away from aspects of our experience that are threatening, dissonant, or that make us feel vulnerable in some way. Most psychological difficulties were once adaptive solutions to life problems; difficulties arise when life circumstances change and the old solutions are no longer helpful, or become self-defeating, but we continue to apply them anyway. From this point of view, I approach the adults with whom I work as products of important early relational experiences that continue to be repeated in the present with others, including me, the therapist.
My style is warm, curious, and engaged. I provide a safe and confidential space in which you can share your story so that together we can come to understand you and how you can move forward in your life. As you begin to feel accepted and more deeply known in therapy, you are able to experience yourself in a new way. This process opens the door to change, whether you are seeking immediate symptom relief or longer-term personality transformation.
I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and my masters in counseling psychology at the University of St. Thomas, as well as advanced post-graduate training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy through the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. I am presently pursuing further education and training in psychoanalysis through the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Institute.

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