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Hi! And Welcome!
My Name is Coni and I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (#2528) with ACCT.
I Help Families and Individuals Navigate:
-Nutrition for Mental Health
-Blended Families struggles

Anxiety can be so frightening and so frustrating! Do you often ask yourself why am I feeling anxious right now? Where is it coming from? How do I cope with these racing thoughts, worries and stress? Do you wish that you could finally understand what is happening once and for all and to have focused skilled to use when it arises? I can help! I teach my clients about their anxiety, where it comes from, what its motive is and what skills to use to help move through it.
Grief occurs not only from the loss of loved ones, loss of a family pet, or breakdown in a relationship but also in life transitions, perhaps when we envisioned a different life and that life isn't play out that way we had hoped. Grief can feel so isolating. I know how scary it is and how dark it can feel when we grieve alone. I can support you along your journey and draw on many of my own life experiences with grief. You don't have to do this alone.
Nutrition for Mental Health
As a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider trained under Dr. Leslie Korn, I teach my clients the importance of nutrition and how it plays a key role in our mental wellbeing. Stress can have a profound effect on not only the mind but on the body by depleting nutrients that can leave us feeling depleted, lack of energy and prevent the body from absorbing these essential nutrients. These deficiencies can contribute to anxiety and depression and exasperate symptoms with those with specific mental health disorders.
Common symptoms can show up as:
- Reduced ability to manage stress- Increased anxietyIrritability- Lower mood- Poor concentration and focus- Fatigue  
Blended Families

Blended families can be complex and complicated. With ex-spouses, stepchildren, and blending of different family values, it can be quite difficult to navigate. Blended families may struggle with:

-Biological parent-child alliances.
-Different standards and discipline.
-Treating biological and stepchildren differently.
-Step parents stepping into authority role too soon.
-Dealing with lack of discipline and standards at the ex’s house.
-Ghosts from past relationships invading the current relationship.
-The additional stress from going through divorce, custody, and co-parenting
Counselling with Coni:

I believe that knowledge is power and the more you understand, the better you can help yourself and help others. I draw on and integrate different modalities such as Polyvagal, Somatic, CBT, DBT and Brainspotting. The therapeutic relationship is the most important determining factor for success in therapy and therefore, ultimately my goal is to provide you a place to feel safe, heard, and understood.

Additional Features:

-Evening Appointments from 4pm – 7pm PST
-Immediate online self-scheduling Click Here
-Convenient online and telephone appointments
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