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  • Family Therapist
  • 17047 El Camino Real, Suite 224, Houston, Texas, 77058
  • Phone: 713-302-6698
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  • Session Fees: My out-of-pocket rates are $145.00 - $175.00. If you will be using insurance, your copay or deductible amount will vary based on your plan. I verify all benefits prior to our first session.

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My name is Delee D'Arcy and while I've been a therapist for almost 25 years, it was not my original professional career.  I've done many things, like you, in life and they've all helped me to become the person and the therapist that I am today.   My life experiences have given me many of the same challenges and concerns as you.  This allows me to sit with you and know that change can happen.  In my personal life, I workout, I love to travel and I love having my toes in the much as possible.  I've learned to take care of me and I'd love to help you (re)learn to do the same.
I work with good guys stuck in a stressful work/life burnout cycle, and women who keep the world spinning for everyone else. this you? Your boss is always on your back for something, your wife wants more engagement from you, you’re expected to be Superdad all weekend, and you are wiped OUT? Many guys in this boat feel pissed off all...the...time. It’s no way to live. You need a smart, tough, and funny pro like me to kick you outta that cycle and put you back in charge of your life.

And women, are you the Doer in your family? The one who remembers the grocery list and the doc appointments and the school meetings, but ends up with zero time and energy for yourself? Let’s move from exhausted and unappreciated to engaged, alive, and content. 

I help women make the changes that make life fun again! There’s a “real you” in there banging around to be heard. You need a lively, high-energy, experienced counselor like me to make it happen. I’ve made these changes for myself and I can help you. Call me!
Many of the issues that bring you to therapy are not 'medical' issues - they are relational.  Having said this, insurance may not cover what brings you in.  Don't worry.  I am a firm believer that the therapy process does not have to last forever and depends on what we do together in the office and then what you do outside of the office - the other 167 hours of your week. And consider the investment of time, energy and YES, finances, that focus on the future of you and yours.  Call me. Let's see how I might help you.

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