Don Neufeld, M.S.W.

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  • Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist
  • 128 Lake Street, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 5Y1
  • Not currently accepting new referrals
  • Phone: 905-650-1577
  • Session Fees: Fee of $140 per one hour session

My career spans over 30 years of practice, since 2010 in private practice as a therapist.  Prior to that I spent 18 1/2 years working in Child Welfare, first as a front line work, then as a supervisor, and the last 4 years as a senior manager.  My experience is broad and my ongoing development enables me to provide up to date services to maximize your success.  
I believe firmly that the provision of a safe and nurturing environment for guided self-reflection, as individuals, couple or family, is the key for exploring those realities that hinder optimal growth and fulfillment in life. Whether it is a critical incident or an accumulation of experiences that brings you to seek counselling, the opportunity to honestly explore the dynamics of life, supported and challenged by a qualified and caring professional, can lead to the achievement of your personal goals. As an experienced professional, my commitment is to provide this environment to you. I approach service provision in a holistic way, respecting your beliefs and values, and choices in life. Having studied in a multi-faith setting, I welcome the inclusion of matters of faith and spirituality where this is important to you. My approach is solution focused and strengths based.
While my practice involves a wide range of individuals, my specific interest, training and experience focuses on men, individually and in relationship.  My positive approach to men's realities creates a welcoming environment to assist in overcoming any hesitancy that might exist. 

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