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  • Certified Canadian Counsellor
  • 303 145 West 15th Street, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7N 1P1
  • Phone: 604 904-0898
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  • Session Fees: Our fees range from $130-$275 per 50 minute session. Currently we have a wait list for our sliding scale rates.
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CALL Us: 604 904-0898


 For over 20 years, Bach Counselling Group brings an expertise to working with those who wish to make a positive change in relationships, intimacy, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, ADHD, parenting and eating disorders. We work with individuals and couples who are dealing with issues that may adversely affect their relationships. We strive to bring you to achieving your goals. Therapy is short term, cost effective and change oriented. Bach Counselling Group adheres to the ethics and standards set out by the Canadian Psychological Association. Call us now for more information. THE BENEFITS OF COUNSELLING WITH US: Counselling with Heather produces excellent results to your wellbeing including improved interpersonal relationships and life satisfaction. Heather uses the most current evidence-based practices to get you to where you want to be when  dealing with relationship challenges, anxiety, depression, post trauma, family and/or parenting matters, ADHD and or disordered eating.    WE CAN HELP YOU WITH:
  • Relationship intimacy
  • Marriage, separation and divorce
  • Relationship transition, including separation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Parenting/co-parenting
  • Past trauma
  • Eating disorders
  •  Loss and grieving
  • Cross cultural issues
  • Professional consultation 


CALL US: 604 904-0898 


Practitioners at the clinic use a number of evidence-based tools and techniques to bring their clients closer to their goals.

Bach Counselling Group uses evidence -based methods including cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), emotionally focused therapy (EFT), dialetical behavioural therapy (DBT), psychodynamic, family systems, solution-focused therapy and mindfulness practices. We provide highly skilled counselling offering quality, goal-oriented services that assist you in reaching your personal goals. You can be assured of a safe, confidential and supportive environment to address your concerns with a skilled and professional counsellor. Whether you bring a struggle with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, ADHD, eating disorders, post trauma and or grief, our counsellor will assess the matter with you and strategize the most effective course to your goals. In a warm and supportive setting, they will bring the most up to date tools and skills to facilitate your growth and wellness. 


All concerns discussed in the course of therapy are confidential with the exception described below. Bach Counselling Group abides by the ethical principles of confidentiality as set out by the Canadian Psychological Association.



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303 145 West 15th Street, 
North Vancouver, BC

CALL US: 604 904-0898   Our offices are in both Vancouver and the North Shore, centrally located on bus routes. Our services are often reimbursed by insurance providers so be certain to check with your coverage. Call us now.

        Our website: www.bachcounselling.com

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