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My mission is to help you get along better with those you love and to have greater personal satisfaction in your life.  You can be extremely successful in life regarding your career, finances or status, but if a relationship is not going well or you're not feeling well, it's hard to enjoy what you have.
I'll work with you to identify what needs to change and we'll set realistic goals for making it happen.  You'll learn to use tools and strategies that will help you meet those goals and restore harmony to your life.
I'm committed to helping you feel strong, confidant, cherished, and connected - to those you love and to yourself.
You'll get the benefits from my training with the best relationship experts:  Terry Real, Esther Perel, Michele Weiner Davis, Lisa Merlo Booth, and Bill Doherty.
In addition, you'll get a seasoned therapist (licensed since 1999) as well as someone who understands the ups and downs of a long term relationship (married since 1985) and the joys and challenges of parenting from raising our three children.

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