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 Welcome to my Practice: 
In life's journey we encounter both pleasure and disappointment. When you are struggling I offer help through a safe, in-depth psychoanalytic psychotherapy experience. Together we will explore the origins of negative self-beliefs and  find new ways to enhance your wellbeing.
How I work:
I use many different methods in my practice, but ultimately the way I work with each person , couple or family  is carefully tailored to meet the  needs and personal qualities of the individual case. My  practice combines many theories with a single goal; I want you to feel better in your life. For some, this means processing thoughts, feelings and behaviors while others find comfort in finding the understanding of a professional to alleviate self doubt and shifting self esteem.
My education and training:  
I have a masters from Fordham University and a doctorate from Yeshiva University. In addition I have post- graduate training  in  Comprehensive Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis from the National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP).  NIP is a psychoanalytic  training institute, that provides expert  post-graduate training to mental health professionals, with a theoretically diverse approach to psychotherapy.
What you can achieve with regular therapy:  
I am ready and eager to help you reflect on your life. Many times we have the answers inside of us just waiting to be mined and understood by and with the right person. I have successfully treated many people who were initially unsure about therapy. Many have become complete believers and wouldn’t dream of missing a session.  Regular patients consider therapy a workout for their mind, heart and soul and consider it as important as their physical workouts. Whether the work you need is short term or a more intensive treatment is necessary will be determined and assessed together in the consultation room. Taking the first step to get help can be the hardest and the most courageous thing you do.
Where I am located:  
My practice is conveniently located in the heart of south Riverdale at the Whitehall building. The office is a quiet respite from the busy outside world, where people find it comforting to open up their inner life and struggles in a warm, supportive atmosphere. I look forward to hearing from you to further discuss how therapy can work for you. 

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