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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 6333 Telegraph Ave. #200,, Oakland, California, 94609
  • Phone: 510-507-1763
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  • Session Fees: I do accept PPO insurance, credit cards cash and check. Couples fee &Individual fee $175. I hold sessions weekly.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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I am no stranger to hard work. Yet I have seen what the bravery and time put in does, it actually does change things. There is nothing more motivating that knowing first hand that healing does happen. Whether it’s being in years of couples counseling and finally reaching that pinnacle in your marriage of love and trust- building and simultaneous growth (so awesome!) or taking the time for yourself to refine and build the foundation to a clear, true, authentic, strong self- it’s all worth the risk to then find yourself in your best life. 
 Therapy with your mate can provide you with new perspectives and positive options. Powerful strategies and tools are needed to break old patterns and overcome the challenges.
It is true that most adults enter into relationships today without having had the right tools to eventually be successful. This explains the rate of divorce and discontent. Couples therapy gives you the knowledge to learn how to speak, how to be heard, touched, adored, and grow old together. These tools are priceless for your lives whether you are fielding a current conflict or want to come in for preventive measures to insure a connected union.
 Ever feel like your spouse responds the same way not matter what the situation? Can you predict the outcome of your arguments? Does your experience of talking include being heard? Most of the time there is a stale stagnant pattern, and “old shoe” mentality around how we communicate with our loved one. You CAN however have a relationship filled with fresh alive conversation, the satisfying feeling of being heard, and understood and (although not always agreed with) still respected! Still respected inside of a disagreement? YES! Mature enough to move on and operate in love with different opinions?! YES!
 Even if trust has been broken, if there has been an infidelity, if someone cheated, if your boyfriend lied, if your girlfriend is sneaking around having an emotional affair or if you just bring a general untrustworthiness with you from childhood traumas...whatever the case may be, trust can be rebuilt if desired. It is a process. It is not however, one we know how to do immediately. Re building trust is not an instinctual thing. We want to protect ourselves and build a wall, and that is smart until it no longer serves us and we want to let love back in. For the one who broke the trust, learning how to validate your partner and accept responsibility is paramount. You can find out new ways to get your needs met without breaking trust, finding your voice, and identifying things or behaviors that trigger you. Trust building is a two way street for couples. Trust building is an art. That is where therapy comes in. You don’t have to know how to do this on your own, you are not supposed to, I’m here to help

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