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Dr. Mimi Shagaga is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY29319.  She is currently offering virtual services throughout the state of California and has physical office locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  She holds a Master's degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.  Her areas of focus include relationship issues, life transitions, sexual addiction, behavioral addictions, substance abuse, eating disorders, neurocognitive disorders, depression and anxiety. 

Dr. Mimi believes in utilizing a collaborative approach and often incorporates humor into the therapeutic process.  She possesses a unique ability to tap into an individual’s dynamics to address the issues they may be facing.  By working with clients to develop goals, she strives to find a balanced solution.  Her belief is that an effective therapeutic relationship requires trust, sensitivity, understanding and mutual respect.   

In addition to working in private practice, she has experience conducting supervision for interns, running groups and working at various inpatient facilities.  She pulls from a variety of theoretical orientations and techniques and tailors her approach to the need of the individual or couple.  Nontraditional techniques such as creative arts therapy, music therapy, art therapy and the incorporation of holistic techniques are occasionally used as well.

Dr. Mimi specializes in conducting psychological testing/assessment, neuropsychological assessment and psychoeducational assessment.  She has conducted forensic evaluations and employment screening evaluations.  Psychological testing can be a critical component in identifying underlying issues and devising a treatment plan.  Individuals seek psychological assessment for a variety of reasons including issues related to diagnostic clarification, career concerns, medical necessity and legal issues.  Dr. Mimi works with adolescent aged children who may be in need of a psychoeducational assessment related to concerns relevant to a learning disability, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, poor academic functioning and test accommodations (extended time for ACT, PSAT, SAT, etc).

Her published works include Through the Eyes of the Voyeur: The Lived Subjective Experience of Males Who Self-Identify as Sexual Addicts.  She has taught courses on trauma, psychological assessment, neuropsychological assessment and has been featured on KABC, Psychology Today and has lectured on various topics at mental health related conferences and academic institutions.  She is committed to creating mental health awareness and the destigmatizing the idea of treatment.   

Areas of Specialization

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Addiction & Recovery

Conflict Resolution

Emotional Difficulties

Sexual Addiction or Compulsivity

Eating Disorders

Infertility Issues

Work Conflicts


LGBT Issues

Stress Management

Neuropsychological and Psychological Assessment/Evaluation

Corporate Assessment/Consulting

Forensic Assessment

Biopsychosocial Psychological Assessment

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