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Difficult life experiences can create the feeling of being “lost” or “stuck” in our world, and changes our way of being authentic with ourselves and with others. As a therapist I offer an exploration of this sensation, offering new/other ways of working towards creating change.  The therapy process will help to re/gain the sense of meaning and purpose in life, with compassion, acceptance, patience and forgiveness to ourselves and the people in our lives.


The journey, through the therapeutic relationship together, will  be an exploration to understand what contributed to  the experience/s that have brought you to therapy,  and then uncover, find, and add to  the strengths, resources, and skills already within you, while working towards an acceptable solution.  Every situation is as unique as you are, and I will work with you to provide and find a flexible, collaborative approach to help you attain your needs and goals for therapy.


I am a therapist/counselor who has experience working with clients from a systems base.  This means I work with families, couples/unions/other relationships, as well as individuals. My philosophy is based in client strength and empowerment, and is open-minded and diversity informed. At the core and essence of my practice, is the privilege of  working with you to identify  the changes you want to make, and support you in working toward that change.

The first therapy sessions are usually devoted to gaining my clients’ trust, through learning their approach to life, their struggles - both inward and outward, accomplished by listening to the life stories. This also better equips me to help clients, as I am highly aware of the diversity of how culture, sexuality, gender, spiritual preferences, addictions, and social status, along with many other systems influence people’s lives and psyches. This diversity influences and shapes the family system we are born into, which in turn informs and forms us into who we are in the present. 

Together, my clients and I will identify unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving and work to transform these so that clients increase their overall well-being. I believe that a strong, trusting, and comfortable therapeutic relationship coupled with a compassionate and respectful approach to the work fosters a safe environment in which to explore difficult topics. It is with this exploration, that new ways to create change can be found and implemented.

My experience has included the provision of therapy services to families, step-families, blended families, couples, unions, other relationships, and individuals. Often the therapy includes challenges with: pre-marriage/union preparation, separation, divorce, remarriage,  parenting, co-parenting, single-parenting, parent-child conflicts, sexual or emotional affairs, sexual issues, trauma, family violence, survival of physical or sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, bereavement, bullying, addictions, chronic illness, spirituality, employment, and issues of power, gender, or culture/religion.


I have a systems based clinical training using an integrative therapy approach, using but not limited to, Emotion-Focused, Narrative, Internal Family Systems, Solution-Focused, as well as Structural and Strategic Therapy. I am continually upgrading/adding to my knowledge and experience and if requested, can provide a full list of formal education, courses, trainings, workshops, and conferences attended.


Some of the professional affiliations I belong are the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT), Manitoba Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (MAMFT), Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), Attachment Network, and Satir Professional Institute of Manitoba. A full list can be provided if requested.

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