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You want more from life.
You've done everything you were "supposed to do," from finishing school, to getting a job and everything in between. So why do you still feel like something is missing? Why does life feel so difficult and exhausting.
Where is your bliss?
You didn't learn happiness in school!
You may have learned spelling and math, but you certainly didn't learn how to tolerate challenging emotions, build healthy relationships and get in touch with your wildest of dreams. And if you didn't have the best role models growing up, you could probably use some guidance.
Therapy is an optimal place to grow.
 As a holistic psychotherapist, I create a safe space for you to explore difficult feelings, break patterns that no longer serve you and get in touch with your unique purpose in life. Through in-the-moment interventions, I will help you connect to your inner wisdom so you can make decisions from a place of peace and authenticity.

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