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As a holistic psychotherapist, I create a safe space for you to explore difficult feelings, break patterns that no longer serve you and get in touch with your unique purpose in life. Through in-the-moment interventions, I will help you connect to your inner wisdom so you can make decisions from a place of peace and authenticity. 
I earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Sofia University and have worked in clinical practice for 5 years. I've gained experience in a variety of settings including in-patient treatment, field-based family services as well as private practice psychotherapy. Modalities of therapy I've provided over the years include individual, couples, family, child and group.

I've trained in a number of treatment orientations such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic (mind/body) Psychotherapy and the DIR/Floortime model (for families of a child with special needs.)
I value continued personal and professional growth, and thus seek peer consultation regularly, attend trainings and workshops of interest and expose myself to new information to ensure I'm continually evolving as a therapist and as a person.

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