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Why Seek Therapy?
No one comes to therapy because everything in their life is going extremely well!  From experience I know that therapy works and for every issue there is a solution.  As an astute and gifted therapist I use varied therapeutic approaches and adapt treatment to meet the needs of each individual, couple, and business group I see. 
My work with adults allows them to know and understand their own psychology and to become more conscious, creative, and alive.  They connect with their inner strength, release old fears and obstacles, and discover their true identity and value. They reunite with the flow of life rather than trying to swim upstream. 
I help couples develop a process of communication that serves as a safe foundation for them to share feelings, resolve conflicts, and understand why life has brought them together.  Their relationship can grow vibrant and meaningful when individual differences are valued and enhanced. Each person is encouraged to focus more on themselves and why they respond or react the way they do.  Often difficult family backgrounds can interfere with their current relationship.  Learning to "stay centered" with each other opens the door to gentle communication and acceptance of the other.  Negative words and actions decrease as love and affection increase.
Benefits of Therapy
After working with me, most people feel much more open hearted and compassionate---toward themselves and others. They begin to experience joy and inner calm and accept life as an adventure and a journey.  They are more able to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams while having fun doing it!
My Style 
My personal style as a therapist is relaxed and non-judgmental. I have extensive academic, theoretical, and experiential knowledge from which I work, along with a keen intuition and sense of humor. 
My Experience 
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Marriage Family Therapist.  I received my graduate degree from UCLA.  I  worked at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute upon graduation.  I then had the opportunity to move to Mammoth Lakes and became the first Director of their new Mental Health Clinic.
I then came to San Diego and was Director of a Drug Treatment Program for the YMCA.  Soon I realized that my first love was providing direct service to people, rather than administration, so I opened my Private Practice.  I also trained with the San Diego Society of Jungian Analysts.

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