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Sad, anxious, stressed or just wanting personal growth? Support and help is a phone call away.

Neurobiologically-informed leading edge model of therapy is used that influences the re-patterning of both the upper and lower brain centers. Dr. Shirley Karseboom has extensive experience working with adults, children and couples in a wide range of settings with a wide range of issues.
 Dr. Shirley Karseboom has extensive training in Advanced EMDR, Ego State Therapy, Somatic Therapy, CBT, DBT, and is a Certified Traumatologist. She has been a registered psychologist since 2007 in the province of Alberta and is qualified as an expert in Alberta Family Court in Parenting/Psychological Assessments and Drug/Alcohol Addictions.
Therapy or assessments for those age 6 to late adulthood. Whether your needs are simple or complex, Solutions Psychological Services can provide the expertise to meet your needs. 

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