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A Unique Blend of Research and Support for People with Mood Disorders By Roberta E. Tovey, PhD Director of Communications, MoodNetwork Here's a staggering statistic: one third of people in the US today show signs of clinical depression or anxiety. What's the reason for this increase? According to Marizio Fava, MD, psychiatrist-in-chief of the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital “ ... the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to cause significant stress and psychological distress for a large proportion of the population. And we know the rates are progressively increasing.” Living during the era of COVID-19 is not easy for anyone. But it is especially challenging for the many who struggle with depression or bipolar disorder, or who care for someone who does. The threat of a virus that is not fully understood, and whose trajectory is still largely unknown, creates the kind of stress that can easily exacerbate these conditions. Now, more than ever before, we need to work harder to learn how to best treat mood disorders. We also need to provide more support for the millions of people who live with these complex and often hard-to-treat conditions. MoodNetwork (, an online network for people who live with depression and bipolar disorder based at Massachusetts General Hospital, offers both a platform for research into new ways to treat mood disorders and a place for people with mood disorders to find community, support, and tools to help them cope in these difficult times. Since the site was launched in 2015, MoodNetwork has hosted studies that investigate a wide range of potential tools and treatments for mood disorders. Can a smartphone application help track your mood, potentially alerting you to an episode of depression or mania before it happens? Can an online cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness intervention increase how much you exercise as measured by a Fitbit? Can mindfulness training help reduce stress, and if so, is the small "dose" of mindfulness training you can get in a four-week course as effective as the larger dose you'd receive in a longer, eight-week version? Does using a genetic test to help choose medications to treat depression lead to better outcomes for patients? Other studies have included a comparative effectiveness study of medications for treating bipolar disorder; studies involving parents of children with mood disorders; studies about the impact of COVID-19 on frontline clinician stress, and a study that examines brain function in adults who have a parent or sibling who has suffered from depression and made a suicide attempt.  The over 6,000 members of MoodNetwork can choose to participate in any study on the MoodNetwork platform, providing that they meet the study's eligibility requirements. Many of those who have joined research studies like these say that they joined to help others with the same conditions that they have or to try cutting-edge treatments which are not yet available to the general public. MoodNetwork members also can use a variety of tools, trackers, and questionnaires to help them assess how they're doing. Each member has a personal dashboard with a live graph that shows how one’s mood fluctuates over time; the dashboard also has links to questions-and-answers with our clinical team, "brain" games, and the MoodNetwork Facebook page feed. Members can also find support and a sense of community with others who share their experiences in forums and blogs. In these challenging times, accessing available mental health resources is more important than ever. MoodNetwork embodies the idea that we are all in this together, leveraging the experiences of its entire community to seek advances in treatment and offer a variety of supports and tools for those with mood disorders.  (Read More...)
Hope and Me

Hope and Me, The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario offers free support and recovery programs to people across Ontario living with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. They provide drop-in peer support groups, recovery programs, family and youth clinical support, early intervention for mood disorders and psychosis and online tools focused on wellness and recovery. Drop-In Groups Bipolar Support Every Friday 1-3PM in Office Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour Peer Support 1st Tuesday of the Month 1-3PM in Office Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour Peer Support 2nd Tuesday of the Month 7-8:50PM in Office Clearing the Clutter (Hoarding) 1st, 3rd, and 4th Thursday of the Month 7-8:50 PM in Office Courage and Compassion for Depression 2nd Wednesday of the Month 7-8:50 PM in Office Depression and Anxiety 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month 7-8:50PM in Office Family Members and Supporters 1st and 3rd Monday of the Month 7-8:50PM in Office LGBTQ 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month 7-8:50PM in Office Men's Group 2nd and 4th Monday of the Month 7-8:50PM in Office Monday Mood Drop-In Every Monday 1-3PM in Office Shyness and Social Anxiety Every Sunday 3-4:30PM on 519 Church Suite 301 (Hope and Me MDAO Affiliate) Substance Use and Mood Disorders 1st and 3rd Monday 7-8:50PM in Office West End Group 2nd Wednesday of the Month 6-8PM 1541 Jane St. Unison Health and Community Services Women's Group Every Thursday 1-3PM in Office Women's Group 2nd and 4th Monday 7-8:50PM in Office Youth and Young Adults (Ages 16-30) Every Wednesday 7-8:50PM in Office Drop-in One on One Peer Support Mondays and Wednesdays 6-8:30PM in Office (Up to 30 mins; up to 3 drop-in sessions; name, postal code, and birthday required) First come, first serve.  (Read More...)
Mental Health Helpline

The Mental Health Helpline provides information about mental health services in Ontario Canada. We are funded by the Government of Ontario. Our service is live answer 24/7, confidential and free. Wanting to connect with us on the run? App Coming Soon Information is the first step. A helpful Information and Referral Specialist will answer your call, email or web chat 24/7. Our service is free and confidential. We can: provide information about counselling services and supports in your community listen, offer support and provide strategies to help you meet your goals provide basic education about mental illness Credible, Professional, Reliable The Mental Health Helpline is a service of ConnexOntario, a free and confidential health service information organization funded by the Ontario Government.  (Read More...)
Black Demographics

Since 2007 has combined data about African Americans from government agencies, universities, and research centers and applied simple analysis with tables, charts and graphs all in one place. This makes a top resource for information regarding the Black community in America.  (Read More...)
BTS Graduate School of Counseling

BTS has classes and programs that are custom tailored to assist in preparing you for a career or ministry in the helping field. Our courses and programs train counselors, pastors, teachers, mentors, and others who plan to counsel in professional and lay counseling environments.  (Read More...)
The Men’s Trauma Centre

We are here to support to anyone who identifies as a man who has experienced emotional, physical or sexual trauma in childhood or as an adult. When you survive a trauma or childhood abuse it can affect every aspect of your life; work, relationships and your health. Many men carry on in silence but there is help here for you. For over 10 years we have been working with men who have experienced trauma and we are here to listen to you. Call to make an appointment 250.381.6367 or email (info @t menstrauma dot com) History The Vancouver Island Men’s Trauma Counseling Society (Men’s Trauma Centre) was formed in September, 2003 in response to the closing of the Victoria branch of the BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse (BCSMSSA). The Men’s Trauma Centre provides support and/or counseling services to over two hundred men and their family members each year. The Men’s Trauma Centre is becoming increasingly busy and we now run a wide range of therapy programs, educational outreach and an advocacy service, as well as providing vital support during the criminal justice process from initial reporting through to trial. Why We Exist While the majority of sexual abuse is by males on females, anyone can be a victim of sexual trauma. Research suggests that between 20% and 30% of all male children are sexually abused before the age of eighteen. Many of the boys who suffer trauma grow up to be men whose lives are seriously impacted by their early childhood experiences. These men suffer from anxiety and depression, are haunted by flashbacks and nightmares, have trouble finding or keeping jobs, have problems maintaining intimate relationships and much more. To compound the difficulty they also experience the social stigma and the guilt and shame associated with victim-hood that is often significantly stronger for males. Despite the media stories of male survivors of abuse that have come out over the past few years, many people remain unable or unwilling to respond to this problem and the long term damage it creates both individually and at societal level. We believe it is vital, both to the individual and to society as a whole, to address the issues and concerns of male survivors. Prevention, education, treatment and support are the means.  (Read More...)
Out of the Fog

Out of the FOG was launched in 2007 to provide information and support to the family members and loved-ones of individuals who suffer from a personality disorder. Dealing with a loved-one or family member who suffers from a personality disorder can sometimes feel like navigating through a fog. FOG stands for Fear, Obligation, Guilt - feelings which often result from being in a relationship with a person who suffers from a Personality Disorder. The FOG acronym was coined by Susan Forward & Donna Frazier in their book Emotional Blackmail. It is our hope that this site may help some navigate out of the FOG in their own lives.  (Read More...)
Awe in Autism

Awe in Autism provides inspiration and encouragement to those impacted by autism, including those who care for children or adults with autism as well as adults on the spectrum. The website features a gallery of original works of art, music, literature, poetry, photography and video created or inspired by people with autism; in addition, Awe in Autism features such works through live arts exhibitions.  (Read More...)
Schizophrenia Society of Canada

The Schizophrenia Society of Canada (SC) has been serving Canadians since 1979. SSC is committed to transforming how people think, with knowledge and youthful enthusiasm, about early psychosis and schizophrenia. We seek to be an inspirational visionary in advocating for a transformed mental health system that is based upon the recovery philosophy. Our mission is: “Build a Canada where people living with early psychosis and schizophrenia achieve their potential.”  (Read More...)
FOCUS Project

FOCUS is a prevention service designed to strengthen couples and families in readiness for tomorrow. FOCUS provides personalized training for each family and its individual goals. The program teaches practical skills to help families and couples feel prepared to meet the challenges of military life such as stress, injury and other transitions. The FOCUS Project offers services to active duty military families in several formats: family consultations, couple- or family-level training, small group training and workshops. FOCUS builds strong connections with other military family providers to support a network of care for service members, their partners and families. FOCUS training is confidential, free and offers services at family friendly hours. To find a site near you, visit  (Read More...)

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