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Marlowe Lindberg, BEd, MEd, MA, PGD, CCC, C.Hyt
Anxiety Counsellor

Marlowe Lindberg, BEd, MEd, MA, PGD, CCC, C.Hyt

Marlowe Lindberg Psychotherapist

342 - 21 Street, Fort MacLeod, Alberta T0L 0Z0 | 403-915-4844

Anxiety and Stress both need to be assessed thoroughly. I use many of the assessments that were provided to me by Dr. Burns when I took his training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). As well, I use Cognitive Therapy approached by Robert Leahy. Between Burns and Leahy, I have close to 200+ techniques to structure a healing pathway. In addition, I have found Eye Movement Desensitizing and Reprocessing (EMDR) extremely useful, very long term recovery method for the treatment of anxiety/phobias/panic attacks/worry/and stress.

Marco Milani, MA Psychology
Anxiety Counselor

Marco Milani, MA Psychology

Registered Counselor

Available for Online Therapy

Many therapists teach clients techniques to manage anxiety and panic in order to limit their impact on life, goals, relationships. I think these symptoms have a deep meaning, and they want to tell us something about ourselves. Maybe something we fail to see or feel, something important about who we are. That's why I work with my clients to understand these symptoms until we can look them in the face and get some critical insight from them. Stress is not only a physiological reaction. It usually comes from our desires and models of success. Stress has a SOCIAL dimension that cannot be neglected, as it is an essential part of how we conceive of joy, pain, failure and enjoyment.

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Fort Macleod is located in Alberta, Canada. It has a land area of 23.41 square kilometers.  The population of Fort Macleod is 2,967 people with 1,226 households . The population ranking for Fort Macleod is #1027 nationally and #124 for the province of Alberta with a density of 126.80 people per sq km. Fort Macleod therapists serve postal code: T0L.