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Family Therapist

Nancy Hurst, Ph.D

Registered Psychologist

10069- 80 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta

Families can be very challenging and stressful at times! I will help you and your family discuss difficult topics, set boundaries with each other and accept each other's differences. It can be very painful when there is discord between family members! Most people want to have a close relationship with their family members and let go of past arguments. It is sometimes easier to resolves difficulties with the objectivity of person outside of the family.

Family Therapist

Tori Hornbacher, MC, R. Psych.

Registered Psychologist

#200, 85 Cranford Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta

The family unite can provide a foundation of security, love, and a sense of belonging. However, often times families can struggle for a variety of reasons and seeking counselling can help improve family dynamics, interactions, communication, and problem solving. Through counselling, families can begin to heal the broken pieces and establish a nurturing environment in which the family can flourish emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Family Therapist

Mallory Becker, M.A., R.Psyc.

Registered Psychologist

10069 80 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Families can be one of the most rewarding human experiences and the most difficult experiences . I work with various types of families and work with issues from everyone involved. I can help you enrich your current relationships or help with problems such as conflict, arguing, lack of family connection, communication difficulties or understanding past experiences in a positive and safe environment. Several formats are used including counselling individually (such as only one family member solely attending counselling or the entire family. Families have the opportunity to grow individually and together.

Family Therapist

Inga Gusarova, MSc, CCC

Certified Canadian Counsellor

Available for Online Therapy

Family therapy is not only about kids or teenagers. Adult families could use help too! Dealing with significant life stresses or mental illness could affect the entire family. Or you may want to address long-standing tensions, or handle a family business where each generation sees things differently. Whatever it is, I aim to (1) help you understand each other and the patterns you may be stuck in, (2) find common goals, (3) build on your strengths, and (4) improve your skills. I work online, and research on online therapy for children is very limited. So my family therapy is for adults only.

Family Therapist

Paul Bianchini, Ph.D., R.Psych.

Registered Psychologist

9505-79 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Family conflict is past down to us from previous generations. Engaging with conflict can lead to more compressive understandings of our needs and the needs of others. By exploring family conflict intimacy is increased in our relationships. This exploring is easier said then done, especially because at times it can seem easier to ignore the conflict. Visit my website at from more details.

Family Therapist

Paul Sussman, Ph.D., L.Psych.(AB), L.Psych.(GA)

Licensed Psychologist, Alberta and Georgia

14307 - 80 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Treatable conditions appear in the most traditional of families. In addition, the number of non-traditional families (blended, adopted, foster, alternative lifestyle) is increasing; and treatable conditions arise in these families, too. When unhealthy and/or unfulfilling patterns affect whole families, it can be useful to involve the entire family in the healing process. At Sussman Psychological, family members interact on a level playing field where everyone has a chance to be heard, and an obligation to listen well and to hear others. The usual power structure is temporarily put aside in favor of optimizing effective communication processes at the level of the emotions.

Family Therapist

Valerie Umscheid, MA R. Psych.

Registered Psychologist

146 Euro Village , 11 Athabascan Ave., Sherwood Park, Alberta

We can receive great joy and satisfaction through positive interactions with family members. In family therapy I teach people how to resolve conflict, and find solutions that strengthen relationships. Many families struggle with challenging situations: defiant teenagers, parenting problems, aging parents, blended families, codependency due to addiction issues etc. My goal is to help clients find solutions and learn strategies that meet their needs, so that they can experience greater satisfaction in their family relationships.

Family Therapist

SunRise Psychology Centre, LCSW, RCSW, CSW, MSW, CHT

Registered Psychologists, Registered Provisional Psychologists, Psychology Interns

#145 - 501, Bethel Drive, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Family therapy is one of our longstanding specializations and we work according to a family systemic approach. Families are the most important building blocks in our society, and dysfunctional families carry a very high cost both on a human level and in a societal level. Restoring parental authority, teaching children rights and responsibilities and moving the family towards better communication patterns and healthier boundaries are some of our targets. Most importantly ~ families need enough resources to handle the challenges of the reproductive work in society. Children need to be raised by an entire village - not only by their parents.

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