Marriage counselling that Heals in Richmond, BC. Restore Your Relationship.

Speak with the right marriage therapist in Richmond. Real help for issues like separation, communication, infidelity, and finances.

Marriage Counsellor

Jill Koehler, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

1211 Village Green Way, Squamish, British Columbia

I offer pre-commitment counselling to help couples investigate key areas of relationship such as communication, finances and values. Exploring these areas helps to identifying strengths and potential challenge in the relationship in order to build a solid foundation.

Marriage Counselor

Alain Langlais, MH, RTC, CHHt


Available for Online Therapy

A healthy marriage takes work. Therapy will reach the heart of the issues and begin the process of restoration. Let's get started.

Marriage Counselor

Patti Langlais, M.A, MPCC, CCHt

Registered Counsellor, Master Practitioner Clinical Counsellor

Available for Online Therapy

My focus is on developing strong communication which enable more fluent and effective dialogue between couples. We will build the necessary tools needed to overcome challenges in conflict, anger and resentment, rebuilding trust after betray, and creating intimacy.

Marriage Counsellor

Fay Ferris, RCC, CCC, CGT

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Gottman Therapist

#300 - 5900 No. 3 Road, Richmond, British Columbia

I have been happily married for over 35 years and I am specially trained and Certified in marriage counselling with extensive experience with all relationship issues including communication problems and infidelity. I provide a full assessment which guides treatment.

Marriage Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

Though we are not licensed marriage counselors, Grey Matters International, Inc. provides cutting edge brain optimization and rebalancing technology to better align the minds of partners to reduce conflict, increase hope---for the brain has the final word on change.

Marriage Counsellor

Cheryl Woolstone, MSW, RSW


#313 - 2902 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is another matter. Fulfilling relationships require skill and insight. The tools are available

Marriage Counsellor

Bonnie Hall, M. Couns., RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

150-11331 Coppersmith Way, Richmond, British Columbia

As your couples and family counsellor, I can help you build trust, intimacy, pleasure, and connection in your relationship with your partner. You can gain confidence in parenting, create balance in your life, and enjoy more satisfying relationships with family members.

A Richmond marriage counsellor is well grounded in moral values and will usually see both husband and wife together in sessions. In some ways, it is a form of group therapy, since more than one person may be involved in the sessions. During the course of treatment, the need may arise to work with each person individually, but the overall marriage counseling process is one of mutual commitment from both parties with the goal of avoiding catastrophe, resolving hurts and renewing the marital relationship to new light, love, and commitment. Imagine your relationship grounded, whole, restored, and boundaried. Our desire is to see families changed for the better, with restoration and understanding. Marriage counselling Richmond BC is a valuable and critical resource for struggling families, it is our hope you will contact a professional therapist if you are facing difficulties with your spouse, family, extended family, or even with yourself.

counselor vancouverMarriage Counselling Richmond, BC. Couples and Family Counsellor Richmond.

Help for marriages and families. Rebuild relationships and overcome barriers to communication, intimacy, friendship, and growth in Richmond. One of our values at Theravive is a belief in saving marriages for the joy of both spouses, and restoring family relationships.

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About Richmond, B.C.

Steveston, Minoru

The city of Richmond has a strong middle to upper class demographic making it a strong Liberal area in the realm of politics.  There are rarely any changes in the representative of Richmond resulting in long and stable tenures of elected officials.  Richmond supports about 100,000 jobs for the residents and those who travel from other areas of the Lower Mainland to work on this island city.  Most recently, Microsoft opened an office in Richmond further increasing the job market in this area.  Marriage counselling Richmond BC is a process of change, and a willingness to change.  We will work together with you to identify issues and rebuild your relationships and family. In 2006, the city began constructing a rail connecting all of Vancouver in preparation for the 2010 Olympics.

With its unique landscape of dyke systems, bogs, marshes, beaches, and the mountains in the backdrop, Richmond has been home to many movies and television series.  Shows including Stargate, Smallville, X-Files, and the Outer Limits have been regular users of the Richmond area.  In addition, the Scary Movie series has utilized Richmond in all their episodes.  Richmond is also home to Vancouver’s River Rock Casino, bringing international visitors to enjoy the gambling the city has to offer.  Richmond is a diverse city, with many religions include Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Shinto, and Christian.  Marriage Counselling Richmond BC is about restoration and rebuilding.  Contact a marriage counselor to begin your new path towards a better relationship. 

Richmond is located in British Columbia, Canada. It has a land area of 129.27 square kilometers.  The population of Richmond is 198,309 people with 73,457 households . The population ranking for Richmond is #25 nationally and #4 for the province of British Columbia with a density of 1534.10 people per sq km. Richmond therapists serve postal code: V7C.