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I have a strong interest in helping you gain new experiences that gently shake up what you thought you knew about yourself and the world. Spontaneous creativity, play and experimentation are foundational to the work I do with clients. As a Certified Hakomi Therapist (CHT), I can help you wake up to the preciousness of your own aliveness as well as your own inner wisdom and joy. While doing healing work with me, you'll not only learn new tools, we’ll also creatively explore your present experience moment by moment to find and transform the past strategies and beliefs about yourself that you’ve outgrown. 

Whether you’re seeking support for difficult emotions, big life changes, or a sense that something is missing, over the course of our work together you may notice little by little that the things just don’t seem so difficult anymore. You will gain more space for your experiences without needing to resort to habitual strategies to avoid your feelings. You might find that you’re naturally kinder to yourself, that you’re no longer afraid to say what’s true for you, or that you can say “no” when you want to rather than feeling obligated to put other people first. You will probably discover that you have even more excitement and passion for life than you realized!
Therapy that also includes our bodies, emotions and souls supports and accelerates the healing process. I practice mindfulness and meditation in my own life to help me hear the quieter parts of myself. This allows me to create a safe space and respond with sensitivity and presence to those I work with. Personally, I am nourished by spending time in nature; and I believe that our emotional health is related to the quality of relationship that each of us has with the natural world. Additionally, mindfulness skills can gently address the judging mind to create space for the rest of us. 
With over a decade of experience living outside of the US, as well as, intensive meditation retreats, I’ve learned that the wisdom we gain from the unexpected experience of living life is more important than the thoughts we have about who we are.  Come learn who you are underneath the automatic habits and strategies that sometimes run your life. I offer trauma-informed experiential nature-based psychotherapy with mindfulness, Hakomi body-centered therapy, EMDR trauma resolution therapy, and DBT life skills. Call today for a free 30 minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit (303) 997-2267.

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