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Is your child struggling?
Is your child’s behaviour affecting daily functioning,
family relationships, friendships, or school work?
Brandys Evans is committed to providing compassionate support to help you and your child through this challenging time.
About Brandys
Brandys discovered her passion for child development while raising her two children. Her motivation to learn everything about the developing child came from a desire to effectively empower and guide her own children. This ultimately led Brandys back to school to become a Clinical Counsellor so that she could apply her passion and expertise to help children become experts in the area in which they struggle, and to develop the tools to support change.

"How we relate to [children], the emotional support we give them, the calmness we give them, the acceptance we give them are crucial in their development, much more crucial than any attempt to change their behaviour. In fact, attempts to change them usually backfires." - Gabor Mate
Brandys is a registered clinical counsellor who specializes in the treatment of:
-Behavioural Concerns
-Learning and Attention Issues
-Family or Peer Relationships 
During the course of her studies, Brandys became particularly interested in developmental psychology and developmental neuropsychology and dedicates a significant portion of her practice to working with children. Brandys also focuses her study and attention on understanding how children develop and the challenges that children and parents face during the course of development. 
In addition, Brandys works regularly with children who are dealing with
  • Trauma/Stress
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Eating Disorders
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Self-harm

Brandys also works closely with parents providing tools that strengthen both the child and the parent.
Benefits of working with Brandys:
Benefits of working with Brandys:
Brandys has an aptitude for working with children. She possesses a quality about her that allows her to quickly connect with children in a manner that helps the child to feel cared for and safe. Her warm, attentive nature makes children want to be in her presence. Brandys’ capability in working with children comes naturally, having raised 2 children of her own, and having worked with children in varied environments for over 27 years.
"To promote self-esteem is to fully attune with the child at any age and to really enjoy them." - Gabor Mate

Brandys believes that children need to be heard in order to develop resilience to stress and challenging situations. When a child is heard, the child feels understood which then leads to internal motivation, a positive sense of self, and helpful behaviour patterns. Often, a child can not express their inner world in words that make sense. Hearing requires understanding the child through their behaviour and through their play. Children are speaking all the time. It takes understanding how children communicate to hear what the child is saying.
"Child's play is not simply a reproduction of what he has experienced, but a creative networking of the impressions she has aquired." - Vygotsky 

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