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  • Registered Professional Counselor
  • Lethbridge, Alberta, T1H 4P3
  • Phone: 403 715 9631
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About Danni & Diggs

 The company is owned and operated by M.T. Diggs and Danni McKenzie who between them have over 60 years of experience in personal development.

Danni and Diggs' actively live the precepts of what they present to others in their continual search for improvement (Kaizen) and development strategies for the individual and corporations.

 Meet Your Counselors … Danni & Diggs

 Danni McKenzie

Danni with her limitless energy, motivation and drive will bring out the best you.

Her life qualifications are:
  •  Life Coach with the Federation of Life Coaches, a
  • Scuba Staff Instructor with PADI with over 5000 dives in her career and with the certification of hundreds of divers to her credit.
  • She is also a wellness personal trainer with CANFITPRO being an expert of several disciplines.
  • Through KNC she facilitates job/career programs with the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies in remote northern communities.

She is an accomplished writer and motivational speaker with International Woman's Day and for other conferences.

M.T. Diggs

Michael Diggs is a man of great spirit, where compassion and heighten insight are his greatest qualities.

He is very intuitive, with the ability to pinpoint barriers and give strategies that really work in the shortest amount of time possible. It is simply his passion to see others move ahead into their envisioned destiny.

M.T. Diggs

  • a Registered Professional Counsellor with CPCA,
  • a Certified Life Practitioner with the province of Alberta
  • a facilitator with Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies for the last 10 years.
  • Prior to that he worked as a youth worker and other leadership roles for 20 years where he honed his professional skills through every imaginable scenario that life holds.
  • The techniques that he has developed over the last 30 years are innovative and will give lasting results.

He also is an author, and motivational speaker.

Our Approach

  • Our approach is to help you discover your Cognitive Behaviours and to explore strategies to help make necessary shifts in your approach to life management.
  • We will identify your Thinking Patterns and introduce you to our innovative system called ' Repathing: Belief Restructuring' which we have developed over the last 3 decades with amazing results.
  • We are Solution Based and deal with the NOW and guide you to the future you envision for yourself.
  • ·‘Master the Chaos’ is an all inclusive program that will catapult you into your best life.


A Typical Session With Danni & Diggs

Together, we will create a safe and personal environment so that you will feel at ease and able to participate fully in your session.

  • You are given the space you need to share your life, your dreams, your heartaches, possible barriers your are experiencing in moving ahead.
  • You will be given tools and resources from your very first session to start making the relevant changes for your personal journey.
  • You will be amazed how far you can come in a short time as you apply the principles and how easy the transition will be.
  • Small Steps ...Big Results, is our promise to you.
Danni & Diggs will shake your world until all that remains is the person you know you are...
  •  complete,
  • courageous,
  • lovable and successful.

We Guarantee Satisfaction ... that is our promise to you.

Embrace the Change

They serve clients through on-site training and personal consultation, public events and seminars, on-line consultation, Podcasts, video courses and the publication of print and electronic materials


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