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Are you in a relationship where you're feeling emotionally and physically disconnected from your partner?   Has your relationship become a source of frustration, leaving you feeling lonely, resentful, and misunderstood? Have physical or emotional challenges affected the quality of your sex life?
I believe the reason you are suffering is because humans are wired for connection.  When that connection is threatened or injured, we suffer. I work with people to redefine, restore, and reconnect those relationships. This not only applies to relationships with others but also to the most important relationship we have--the relationship with ourselves. 

Maybe you're reluctant to try therapy--embarrassed about talking to someone about such personal, intimate matters. You may believe that therapy is a sign of weakness and if you only "toughen" up things will get better.  I UNDERSTAND.

My name is Eliza Boquin.  I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate with a Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy from The University of Houston-Clear Lake and have completed the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certification Program to specialize in addressing sexual health concerns with competent sex therapy & sexual health education. I strive to provide people who are struggling with their emotional & sexual health with a safe, nonjudgmental space where they can receive ethical, competent, and compassionate therapeutic support.

If you're experiencing any of the following therapy may be the answer: 

-You are overwhelmed by your emotions and they have begun to interrupt your daily life.
-You have suffered a recent loss of a person, relationship, or situation.
-You struggle to communicate with your partner and find yourself feeling emotionally and
physically disconnected.
-You have suffered a trauma that continues to negatively affect you.
-You rely on alcohol, drugs, sex, or food to cope.
-You struggle with self-esteem, are a people-pleaser, or find yourself constantly being used by
-Your relationship has been challenged by infidelity/betrayal.
-Your friends and family have told you they are concerned about you.
-You have questions or concerns about your sexuality or gender identity.
-You struggle to talk to your partner about sex.
-You have pain during sex.
-You struggle to enjoy sex.
-You have performance anxiety during sex.
-You suffered a sexual trauma.
-You feel guilt/ shame about your sexuality.
-You want to improve the quality of your sex life.
-You want more information regarding your sexual health.
I also work in collaboration with a variety of mental health and medical professionals throughout the Greater Houston Area to provide you with a collaborative approach to your care and a multitude of resources to address your concerns. 

Specialties include:

-Individual Therapy;

-Relationship Therapy; and

-Sex Therapy/Sexual Health Education.

Issues Commonly Addressed Include:

-Pain During Sex


-Difficulty With Orgasm; No Orgasm

-Erectile Dysfunction

-Premature/Delayed Ejaculation

-Low Sexual Desire

-Discrepancy in Desire Between Partners

-Sexual Abuse/Trauma

-Gender Identity Concerns

-Sexual Orientation Concerns

-Lack of Sexual Pleasure

-Infertility Related Concerns

-Infidelity Related Concerns

-Premarital Counseling


It is a privilege every time someone invites me to be part of their emotional growth and healing process. Daily I am reminded that change is possible even in the most seemingly dismal situations. When you're ready to make that change, call me and let's get started.

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