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A little bit about me:
Walking alongside people through the pains and joys of life is truly an incredible privilege.  My clients experience  warm, professional counselling in which they give voice to their stories, free of external judgement or agenda.  As a member of the College of Alberta Psychologists, I uphold the highest degree of ethical practice, including services based on recent research and evidence-based interventions.  I offer a wide variety of therapeutic expertise including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), mindfulness-based therapies, and yoga therapy.  This diversity allows me to offer a multi-level approach to therapy while customizing treatment plans reflective of each client's unique circumstance. 
How my clients benefit from therapy:
Because my approach integrates both mind and body, clients tend to benefit physically, emotionally and mentally. Clients may experience increased energy, improved sleep, better concentration, strengthened immunity, and steadier heart rate variability. Improved mood, including a more hopeful outlook and increased confidence are also common experiences, even early in the counselling process.  Those interested in private yoga therapy may find increased strength and flexibility in addition to the benefits listed above.
The psychobiological approach to couples therapy (PACT):
As a PACT trained couples therapist, I strive to cultivate greater attunement, trust, and connection between couples. Partners can expect to identify/clarify problem areas, gain insight into the connection between their early life experiences and adult relationship patterns, and learn to regulate their emotions while resolving conflict with their partner. My approach is direct and compassionate, often using in-the-moment data to gain insight into the couple system. 
My process:
Whether you attend on your own, with your partner, or as part of a family, our first session is about creating connections and increasing your comfort with the process.  I believe in a thorough assessment, and that takes a little time.  It also means you get to voice your concerns freely and ask any questions that are pressing for you.  Together, we will begin to define the problem(s), and set a clear and measurable therapeutic goals.  But this is a dance we do together.  I explain the rationale for all goals and intervention, and make sure you're comfortable with our plan before proceeding.  Subsequent sessions may occur weekly, every two weeks, or even as monthly check-ins, if that's appropriate for your needs.  We will use your goals to keep our work on track, and check our progress regularly.  Our work is finished when you feel confident that you've achieved your goals.  
A final note:
Whether you are a teen, adult or elderly client, looking for short or long-term counselling, I look forward to helping you heal and grow.  It is truly my honor to be part of your journey.

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