Mary Anne Bedington, M.Div., RMFT

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  • Hope and Possibilities Counselling
  • Waterdown, ON, Waterdown, Ontario, L0R 2H5
  • Phone: (416) 276-4673/HOPE
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Life can be challenging at the best of times, particularly when we are faced with multiple stress that is causing anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.  Counselling can help a person look at problems in different ways, and provide strategies to respond to the various challenges.  

Mary Anne facilitates a process that enables people to reach their goals. She provides space for people to reflect and recognize their personal wisdom and strengths, thus enhancing their capacity to deal with life’s challenges.

   Counselling is tailored to individual needs, culture and learning preferences. She takes an integrative approach utilizing the following counseling orientations/models: Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT), Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), CBT, Narrative Therapy (NT), and EMDR Therapy. She appreciate NT’s approach of using the story metaphor to invite people to reflect on the meaning of their experiences, and by asking particular kinds of questions, to open space for people to make changes.

"The person is the person, the problem is the problem."  This means that Mary Anne believes people are not defined by the problems they bring to therapy. Assisting individuals, couples and families to discover alternatives and move toward their preferred ways of living and being is important to her. The outcome of therapy will result in a sense of personal empowerment as people feel more hopeful about their lives and realize other possibilities to enhance their lives.


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