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  • Reigstered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Art Therapist l Art Therapist
  • 300-22420 Dewdney Trunk Rd. , Maple Ridge, British Columbia, V2X 3J5
  • Phone: 604-283-6318
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  • Session Fees: Fees are $100+ per hour, depending on whether it is an individual or family. Fees include GST

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Are you searching for hope in your life?

Are you looking for ways to increase your parenting skills, calm your child, and understand them better?
Then you are at the right place!

I work alongside parents, youth, children and families and can either see the child/youth alone or with the parents as determined by YOU. 

Mary Stanwood of Ridge Meadows Counselling can help you with:
• Behaviour and emotional regulation with children
• Anger and aggressiveness
• Parenting issues including potty training, managing behaviours, and exploring discipline techniques
• Depression and anxiety

Benefits include:
• Strengthening communication between parent and child
• Finding strategies that work for your family

Therapies used include:
• Art Therapy
Art Therapy works by providing a unique and useful tool through art medium such as painting, drawing, or sculpting in conjunction with regular “talk therapy.” It often by-passes words and is useful in exploring emotions and increasing emotional and behavioural regulation.
• Sand Tray Therapy
Sand Tray therapy uses sand as the medium to help people express their world.
• Play Therapy
Play therapy uses a variety of toys including games, puppets, blocks, and doll houses to help children explore and understand their behaviours and emotions.
• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or CBT, helps people understand the relationship between behaviours, thoughts, and emotions.
• Mindfulness
Mindfulness helps people to slow down their thinking, focus on the “here and now”, and helps promote self-regulation.

My approach:
• Client-led
You, the client, decide which issues to explore.
• Client-centered
We work on the agenda that you set out – not mine.
• We work on YOUR goals
Together we establish the goals that you desire and that you wish to work on.

I work alongside of parents and children, either together or separate.

Working with parents alone can help them to:
• Develop child discipline techniques
• Establish and maintain routines
• Cope with issues of defiance, anger, and aggression in children
• Explore parental topics

Working with children alone can help them to:
• Develop self-regulation strategies
• Increase emotional expression and regulation
• Explore thoughts and feelings

$100 for an individual parent or child
$125 for parent and child together

My office is located in central Maple Ridge at
300-22420 Dewdney Trunk Rd.,
Maple Ridge
Please call 604-283-6318 to book an appointment.

I have a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MA) and am a Registered Art Therapist (BCAT-R), and a Registered Clinical Counselling (RCC). Most private insurance companies will cover my fees (look for RCC in your policy).

Other training includes CBT, Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy.

My goal is to help YOU to experience the hope and healing that therapy can bring into your life.

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Maple Ridge BC