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  • Associate Clinical Social Worker
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You are normal if you feel numb, tired and overwhelmed during a major life transition. Many times, we often must give up a part of ourselves to take care of other obligations, which can be stressful and depressing. We lose our sense of selves a lot of times. There are ways to regain control over your emotional, mental and physical well being.

My Style

I provide you with a safe, nonjudgemental, conversational atmosphere for you to work through your frustrations and sadness. We will use your strengths to regain a new sense of self while growing skills like defining and upholding personal boundaries, communication skills and time management. I appreciate your feedback on sessions and will attempt to utilize it to make future ones better.  

Specialization: Life Transition

Life transitions take shape in many ways, from losing jobs to preparing for the eventual passing away
of a loved one
.  I specialize in working with family members that are in the middle of a life transition, often in the form of a caregiving positions (ie: parent of a child with special needs, adult child of a parent with Dementia, a partner of someone who had a stroke) and are experiencing anxiety, depression and burnout. I help you explore your expectations of yourself, your family members and other stressers while developing new expectations and practicing coping and communication skills.

Specialization: Judaism 

Judaism is an amazing religion and culture but it can cause turmoil within a person. It can deeply influence our family, upbringing and daily lives, which can cause spoken and unspoken expectations and conflicts. Our work together can define those expectations and conflicts you are experiencing and help alleviate your anxiety and depression. Our work may involve creating boundaries and practicing communication skills.

Who Am I?

I have been a disability rights advocate, speaker and community organizer since 2004 and I have seen the difficulties family members have in transitioning into having someone dependent on them.  Often family members have to give up at least one form of their own independence to take care of their loved one, which causes strain, depression and anxiety for them.  I broadened my scope of life transitions to include job loss after seeing so many family members leave theirs to give care to their loved ones and grief since it is an inevitable part of life.  
 Call or Text (213) 375-5366 
I am a Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker employed and supervised by Ken Howard, LCSW, #LCS18290 

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