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You don't have to figure this out alone. You just need someone
who has the training and experience to know how to help. 

As a licensed professional counselor and fully certified EMDR provider, I have the education, experience, skills, and passion to help you recover from bad experiences. Through multiple trainings with several experts in the field of trauma recovery, I've learned proven, effective approaches for helping you put the past behind you so you can move forward in life. I know how to help you have a deeper understanding of how you’ve been affected by what
happened to you, and learn to feel in control, empowered, and able to live fully now.

My approach

Many people who have survived awful experiences fear that therapy will open the door to overwhelming sensations and feelings that they will not be able to handle. I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen. The first thing we will do is start developing tools to help you manage your reactions, memories, and emotions more effectively. One of those tools will be a strong, safe relationship between us, in which you feel supported, respected and believed. In addition, you will learn mindfulness skills, guided visualizations, and simple exercises that are effective ways to calm your
nervous system when you become anxious or triggered. Throughout our work, you will be in the driver’s seat.
 You can be sure that I will believe what you tell me about your experience, even if it hasn't made a lot of sense to you or others in your life.  Many stories of traumatic experiences don’t make sense, because people don’t usually create linear, coherent memories at those times. Typically our brains are focused on the job of getting through the experience,
instead of making sense of things. But I will 100% trust that your story is true, in whatever way you can tell it now. In our work together, you will make sense out of it, and then determine what meaning it will hold for you.
 I believe that there is more than one way to make a cake, and therapy works best when there are choices about how to proceed. For example, some people really connect with the idea of viewing their personality as a collection of parts and talking directly to the different parts (the Internal Family Systems approach). Others prefer to simply talk about the current events in their lives. We can explore different approaches, to find one(s) well suited to your concerns and your style. I frequently employ EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Animal Assisted Counseling, somatic (body) and mindfulness tools, as well as conventional talk therapy.

Would you like a dog in your sessions?

If you like, we can work with my registered professional therapy dog, Nova. A lot of people know intuitively - and research supports - that spending time with dogs and other pets can make us feel better. Most of my adult clients enjoy simply petting Nova as we talk. Some clients work more actively with Nova, via specially designed exercises. Working with a therapy dog can help you explore and heal interpersonal issues by noticing how they come up in your relatively safe and simple relationship with the dog. 

What to do now

If you are ready to start healing, please call me to request a free 20-minute phoneconsultation to learn more about how I can help you understand your reactions
and find the control and power you need to move forward.

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