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Searching for a therapist can be a challenging and confusing process--with so many different professional licenses to choose from--it can be overwhelming selecting the right therapist for yourself or loved-one. I am licensed as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor--meaning that I have a specific clinical-based Master's level education and have the clinical field-experience needed to have obtained a professional license in two states. I also have specific education and training in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis, which is an evidence-based behavior modification modality.​
Professionally, I enjoy working with a wide-range of individuals, but have found myself drawn to working most successfully with children, adolescents, and in the area of women's needs. My professional experience has allowed me to work in several private practice settings, not only working with clients, but by also working as a Supervisor to other professionals, as a way to help in developing their own clinical understanding and professional growth. 
My goals for the practice is to offer the highest level of services and to provide an environment which allows for one of a kind growth and personal development. I am a strong believer in working within my own scope of expertise, while always working to challenge myself personally and professionally.​
I believe in giving people the tools to handle the situation in its present form, while working to explore and understand the underlying origins of their struggles.  I am able to maintain a dual-focus, by using a comprehensive approach of multiple therapeutic treatment modalities.  The theories in which I incorporate in my clinical practice are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy, in addition to Play and Art Therapy, which I use exclusively when working with a younger demographic.  Cognitive Behavioral therapy is a evidence based practice, which believes in finding the connection between someone's thoughts, feelings and behaviors, focusing heavily on the present.  Solution-Focused therapy puts a heavy focus on the client's strengths and focuses on ways in which the client can grow to their own desired potential.  Psychodynamic Therapy focuses on the patterns of someone's past, as a way to develop more insight into how their past is impacting their present and future.  Both Play and Art Therapy are used as tools to help a young child to express themselves in a non-verbal manner, as often younger children do not always have the comprehension level and language skills needed to identify and express their underlying feelings.

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