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  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • 4 Trish dr., Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4E 5C5
  • Phone: 416-562-5542
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  • Session Fees: $125.00- $145
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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Looking for psychotherapy in Toronto or the GTA?

Let me help you manage your anxiety and insecurities so that you can feel authentic within yourself and improve your ability to connect with others.
 I work with my clients to identify issues or concerns relating to histories of trauma, issues within their relationships with others and even themselves, mental health related concerns, stress, anxiety and depression, eating disorders, sexual, emotional and physical abuse and areas of self acceptance ( self esteem ) and co-dependency.

My goal is to assist my clients in healing what is holding them back from fully connecting with their whole self and with the important people within their circle of life. This could be partners, children, friends and even work colleagues.

My approach to therapy is one of a trauma informed perspective and is always client centered. Spiritual Psychotherapy addresses the whole person, mind, body and spirit and I have witnessed significant healing with this multi-faceted approach. I work with my clients in an empathetic, gentle way where I aim to hold a supportive and patient space.

Almost everyone experiences pain, trauma and a multitude of harsh experiences in life. I can relate with many of the resulting outcomes of these difficult life experiences. I feel that I am very empathetic with my clients and hold a space for their healing process in whichever way it unfolds. Please feel to contact me for your complimentary consultation.

Have you ever observed that your mind as well as your body can be affected by your experiences?

Body Psychotherapy can be very helpful and is an area of focus in my practice.
It is an area of Psychotherapy that allows you to evaluate your experiences from the view of your mind and your body, in order to stay within the present moment and to be able to more fully "feel" into your body itself, noticing thoughts and sensations and actively listening, to what your body wants to tell you.

Directly or indirectly I work with my client somatically to embody the mental, emotional, social and spiritual life. I encourage both internal self-regulative processes and the accurate perception of one’s external reality.

Through Body Psychotherapy work, I guide my client to notice alienated aspects of themselves, acknowledge those aspects and integrate those parts of the self and to become more conscious of the messages their bodies are giving them on a daily basis.
I also work regularly with children and teenagers in my practice. This is also a strong area of focus within my practice.

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