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  • Counsellor/Therapist
  • 1701 College Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 1B8
  • Phone: 306-551-0371
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Is your relationship in trouble?
Are you struggling with difficult emotions?
Has parenting become strenuous?
Does work leave you feeling burnt out?

 Sidney McGillicky MSW, RSW is committed to providing compassionate support to these and many more life issues.


Sidney has always been a good listener and he subsequently developed a curiosity about human behavior. It was this curiosity that lead him on a path towards the human services earning a Bachelor of Social Work, and eventually a Master's of Social Work (Advanced Practice). Sidney began his career in family services with the Government of Saskatchewan; however, he felt ineffective because he could not utilize his gifts as a helper. Consequently, Sidney began his counselling career in 2002 and he has developed his therapeutic skills over the past 12 years with passion and purpose.


 Sidney McGillicky is a clinical counsellor who specializes in the treatment of:
  • family therapy
  • couples counselling
  • stress management
  • mental health disorders
  • Trauma (Complex, Childhood)
  • PTSD

During the course of his studies, Sidney became particularly interested in the effects of long term stress and developing advanced counselling practices. Sidney also focused his graduate studies on working with families and helping people deal with interpersonal and relationship issues.

In addition, Sidney works regularly with clients dealing with:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • relationship/family issues
  • work conflicts/stress
  • self-improvement or growth

Sidney also has considerable experience helping professionals deal with issues related to their particular work environment and develop effective individual strategies.

Sidney's engaging approach to counselling and his extensive experience will create numerous benefits for people that include:
  • increased self confidence & self esteem
  • enhanced emotional intelligence
  • improved interpersonal skills
  • healthy & fulfilling relationships
  • develop effective coping skills
  • achieve balance & life satisfaction 


As a professional counsellor it is Sidney's belief that establishing a trusting relationship in therapy is important. Sidney establishes trust by providing a safe and caring environment in order to develop collaboration. Sidney has the ability to understand problems people are experiencing and design effective treatments. His approach is warm, engaging, understanding and he guides people towards improving quality of life.

Sidney believes in providing individualized therapy that is solution focused and centered on people's specific needs. He has extensive training, experience, and skill in using evidence based therapy. You can expect to be heard, understood and establish a collaborative relationship with a highly competent, personable, and professional counsellor. 


Sidney is presently working in his private practice located in Regina, Saskatchewan. To learn more about him and his approach to counselling, please go to

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