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Depression Counsellor

Sidney McGillicky, MSW, RSW


1701 College Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan

When you’re depressed, it can feel like you’ll never get out from under a dark shadow. However, even the most severe depression is treatable. So, if your depression is keeping you from living the life you want to, don’t hesitate to seek help. Learning about your depression treatment options will help you decide what approach is right for you. There are many types of therapy available. Three of the more common methods used in depression treatment include cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Often, a blended approach is used. Some types of therapy teach you practical techniques on how to reframe negative thinking and employ behavioral skills in com

Depression Counsellor

Colette Pelletier, M.Ed.

Registered Psychologist

310-2445 13th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan

It is not uncommon in our society to feel over-burdened by life's demands, which can result in feelings of depression. In supporting someone through feelings of intense sadness and depression, we work together in trying to determine the roots of depressive symptoms and whether any changes can be made in an individual's adaptation to their situation in order to improve mood. Together, we explore the biopsychosocial factors that may lead to depression and work on strategies to help an individual improve his or her functioning and ability to cope constructively with challenges.

Depression Counsellor

Stacy Taylor, M.Ed., Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist

372 McCarthy Blvd. N, Regina, Saskatchewan

Stacy uses Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in the treatment of depression. Depression is a very common experience among many people; whether someone has experienced changes, traumatic incidences or has suffered for many years. Stacy views depression as a time to enhance one's tools, learn and reflect on our experiences and life and heal.

Depression Counsellor

Todd Sojonky, Ph.D., R.D., Psychologist

Registered Doctoral Psychologist

3018 Doan Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan

In many ways it is important to understand depression as a verb; depressing! Treatment for depression should involve understanding the patterns of behavior that cause depression. There are many ways to treat depression that are easy, accessible and fun! Mindfulness Meditation is an excellent tool that you will learn as a response for depression. Clients make significant gains using this tool!

Depression Counsellor

Chuck Lowery, B.A. (ADV. PSYCH.), M.A.

Professional Clinical Counselor

55 MICHENER DRIVE-Suite 103, Regina, Saskatchewan


Depression Counsellor

Elisabeth Scheepers, Ph.D. (Psychology).

Registered Clinical Counsellor and Professional Coach

Regina, Saskatchewan

Many people if not most, will experience a period in their life during which they feel depressed. They lose interest in what used to be important or fun to them. Scheepers can assist people in identifying the relationships between thinking and feeling and behavior and can offer tools and resources to help clients toward feeling hopeful that they, just like so many others, can feel happy again.

Depression Counsellor

Cindy Werner, M.Div., M.Couns.

Bereavement & Trauma Counsellor

1440 Fleury Street, Regina, Saskatchewan

Depression is often times a silent struggle. It can be isolating and unfortunately remains stigmatized and misunderstood by society today. I have had clients say to me, "My partner thinks I should just be able to just buck-up but I can't! What is wrong with me?" If depression is a part of your life, you know that its' treatment is not simply "bucking-up." Often times there is a chemical imbalance and/or stressful life circumstances that is making it difficult for you to cope. This does not mean you are weak or flawed in any way. For example, if you had a thyroid condition, you wouldn't think it was "your fault" but yet with depression we do. You don't need to be alone in this.

Depression Counsellor

Shahlo Mustafaeva, Ph.D

Registered Doctoral Psychologist

310-2445 13th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan

Dr. Mustafaeva works toward promoting a safe space where she and her clients can collaboratively explore and identify their goals and barriers for wellness and recovery. Dr. Mustafaeva is well-versed in cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance-based therapies, and mindfulness-based therapies and integrates the principles of these treatment approaches to best meet the needs and wishes of her clients.

Depression Counsellor

Noreen McGratten, BSW, RSW, MC, CCC

Registered Social Worker; Certifed Canadian Counsellor

North West Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan

Depression is often experienced like being in a dark place and even day to day activities become major challenges. In counselling one can become aware of the ‘inner critic’ that feeds negative thoughts that fuel depression. Once aware of this it is possible to challenge those negative messages and explore new more realistic and positive messages. Recognizing how much our thoughts influence how we feel allows one to work toward changing the story we tell ourselves to one that does not feed depression.

Depression Counsellor

Mary Ross, M.Ed., Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist

#310 2445 13th Ave. (Franciscan Place), Regina, Saskatchewan

Depression can be very immobilizing and disheartening. I work encouragingly with clients who are depressed to help them to understand what current and past factors have contributed to their depression. I provide tools for clients to take action against the depression, to learn to think in different ways that that are more positive and that will alleviate the depression. I help them to learn how to take care of themselves and to gain control of their lives and have hope.

Depression Counsellor

Maureen Martens, BFA, B.Ed, MA, CPC, CCAC, ICADC,

Certified Professional Counsellor

346 EAST College Ave., Regina, Saskatchewan

Maureen utilizes a number of useful approaches to address the faulty thinking, emotional upheaval, poor concentration, low productivity, relationship issues and other difficulties associated with the debilitating effects of depression. Depending on the severity of depression, there are some clients who may benefit from pharmaceuticals in which case they will need to consult with a qualified doctor who can diagnose and prescribe to address the chemical imbalance.

Depression Counsellor

Beve Gardner, MA, CPCA, MPCC #3519

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Lebell and Associates 2114 College Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan

Depression can consume your life or just make life no fun anymore. Whether you have severe or mild, situational or chronic depression counselling can give you tools to help you control your life and stop feeling helpless and overwhelmed. A holistic approach is an important factor when managing depression. Get help you do not have to feel this way forever.

Depression Counsellor

Myrna Pitzel Bazylewski, BA MSW RSW

Registered Social Worker

Broadway Centre 1440 Broadway Ave., REGINA, Saskatchewan

In counseling individuals who are depressed, I find asking what they think their life would be like without the depression can help to find some goals they want to work towards. I also find that teaching about how feelings are affected by our thoughts and behaviors helps to develop a sense of control over the depression. Instead of spending time trying to figure out why a person is depressed, I take a here and now view of what the person wants and what are they doing to get what they want, is it working and do they want to find another way. I do this in my own life when I feel stuck and it does work!!

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