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Christopher Seavey, PhD, CAP, LMHC

Licensed Psychotherapist
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9853 North Tamiami Trail, Suite 213, Naples, Florida 34108

My primary therapy approach for depression is cognitive behavioral therapy. That is helping clients to manage depresion by manageing negative thoughts and by teaching and encouraging behaviors that assist in relieving depression. My personal preference is treatment of depression without the use of medications. However, if medication evaluatuation for the appropriateness of medication is indicated I provide a referral to a psychiatrist who can conduct a medication evaleation.

Jennifer Spinner, LCSW, SAP

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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19620 Pines Blvd. Ste. #217-3, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33029

Treating depression is something I do almost every day. Depression is perhaps the most common form of mental illness. Therefore, I have had a great deal of exposure to this and have developed strong treatment skills. These include cognitive treatments, behavioral treatments, hypnotherapy, writing, flooding, unconditional support and validation. Clients can always feel safe and supported, no matter how vulnerable they are they will always feel validated and empowered after experiencing a session in my office. I encourage positive self talk, and positive attitudes of gratitude. I am the guide who takes my clients to a heightened, new, more insightful perspective.

Virginia Boney, Ph.D., LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; Certified Gottman Couples Counselor
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7545 Centurian Parkway, #105, Jacksonville, Florida 32256

EMDR and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are both effective research-supported approaches to helping individuals overcome depression. Both of these approaches focus on identifying negative beliefs about yourself and experiences that may contribute to feeling depressed. EMDR is used to “reprocess” previous life experiences that may negatively affect your self-confidence, especially those that occurred in your family of origin. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is helpful in identifying and challenging irrational or negative self-beliefs that contribute to feeling depressed.

Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist
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11512 Lake Mead Avenue #704, Jacksonville, Florida 32256

As a Doctor of Psychology I am expertly trained in providing scientifically based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy to assist you in reducing your anxious and depressive symptoms. Although some of us benefit from medication in addition to therapy or counseling, depression is often a natural response to unfortunate situations or the result of unhealthy behavior patterns. With my experience and training, I will guide you in changing your life and collaborate with your prescribing provider if necessary.

Dolores Riley, Ph.D.

Clinical Christian Counselor
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4371 76th Avenue North, Pinellas Park, Florida 33781

You do not have to live in the constant atmosphere and pain of depression. Depression robs you in your career, relationships and even your relationship with God. This ministry is successful in relieving you of the paralyzing pain of constant depression which keeps you from fulfilling your goals, dreams and God-given destiny and purpose. Do not wait to be set free from your depression. Contact me today!

Randall Crouch, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
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1620 Tamiami Trail, Suite 210, Port Charlotte, Florida 33948

Depression touches almost everyone at one point or another in our lives. Depression is a very scary and dark place to be. The television is flooded with advertisements about various medications for the treatment of depression. While many of the medications are good, they only treat the chemical imbalance of depression. Depression is almost always more than just out of whack brain chemistry, it is out of whack life. I can help you learn the tools you need to reset your life and move out of the dark world of depression and back into your joy.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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2320 S. Third St., STE 3, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

Depression is the black hole of the soul. It seems to drag you down and steals the joy out of all the things you love and out of the relationships with all the people that you love. It makes you tireder than tired and crankier than you care to admit. Often you don't want to admit you're depressed and think you'll just push though it. Depression, however, is a real chemical imbalance that can be healed - but it won't just disappear. Get the help you need today to make it better for you and for those you love.

Jenifer Garrido, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist
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719 Peachtree Road, Ste 200, Orlando, Florida 32804

As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist for over 17 years ,my goal is to teach clients how our negative self talk, that little voice that always reminds us of our faults, shortcomings and mistakes, is the basis for low self esteem and depression. Essentially, what we "think" is what we "feel". By learning to identify these irrational and destructive thoughts and utilize effective strategies to challenge and reframe our self talk and behavior, we can reshape our self concept and begin to live the life that we deserve and desire

Carol Guthrie, MA, MEd., CAMS

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
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2440 SE Federal Highway, Suite M, Stuart, Florida 34994

If you are suffering from depression it is sometimes difficult to feel motivated to do anything. I can help you get out of your funk by being your guide as you discover what has caused you to feel the way you do. I believe in total acceptance of my clients. I believe they are capable of leading their own healing. We can go on a journey together to discover a way to find fullfillment and joy in life.

Emily Stevens, PhD, LMHC, LPC, NCC, BCN

Psychotherapist & Licensed Mental Health Counselor
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509 SE Central Parkway, Stuart, Florida 34994

Depression has been described as an epidemic in the United States today. Many children and adolescents go undiagnosed and are described as moody and irritable by their parents, teachers and friends. Determining whether an individual is suffering from dysthymia or clinical depression is essential to avoid long-term chronic symptoms and suffering. Early signs, symptoms, self-harm and suicidal thoughts should be explored, assessed and monitored closely. Early prevention and treatment is essential. We can help you with depression by assessing properly to determine the core/neurological issues and then treat it with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurofeedback, Alpha-stim(CES) and AVS.

Jemma Coleman, M. Ed., Ed. S., LMFT, LMHC

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Mental Health Counselor
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50 S. HWY US 1, Suite 309, Jupiter, Florida 33477

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders. According to the National Institute of Mental Health it affects 6.7% of adults and 11.2% of 13-18 year olds in the USA. As a therapist who specializes in adolescent and adult mental health counseling, I am confident that we can work together to identify the root causes, triggers, and solutions for dealing with your depression. Please contact me for a complimentary initial 30 min consultation and let's talk about your vision for a happier healthier you. I'm ready to get started, are you?

Marybeth Hrim, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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900 E Indiantown Rd, Suite #311, Jupiter, Florida 33477

Everyone will have a depressed episode in their lifetime. Depression is very real and can be debilitating if you have not accepted it or treated it. I help many clients overcome their depression by using a cognitive-behavioral approach. What this approach does is looks at your belief system. Everyone has one (these are your thoughts). How do you view yourself, others, and the world can have positive and negative affects on your life. I will help you gain the awareness of what you are thinking about and how you can change those negative thought about yourself, others, and the world. This in turn will help you gain more pleasure in your life.

Jonathan Rapp, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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725 North A1A, Suite B106, Jupiter, Florida 33477

Recurrent or chronic depression can be disabling. Social isolation and conflict, deep emotional wounds, losses, and biological factors are just some of the causes of clinical depression. Dr. Rapp uses proven methods of treating the underlying causes of depression to provide relief, and a new life, even for people who have not responded to treatment before. Change is possible, but you have to take the next step.

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