Addiction Therapists in Surrey, BC.

Counselling for addiction and codependency in Surrey, BC. Help for alcohol and substance abuse, pornography, sex and internet addiction, gambling, and compulsive spending.

Addiction Counsellor

Alex Kwee, Psy.D., Registered Psychologist

Registered Psychologist (BC), Licensed Psychologist (WA, IL)

5507 208th Street, Langley, British Columbia

As a Psychologist specializing in the treatment of both substance addictions and behavioural addictions (e.g. gambling and sex), I employ an integration of modalities such as cognitive-behavioural therapy, motivational enhancement, mindfulness, and relapse prevention. I focus on treating each client where he or she is at, utilizing evidence-based approaches and collaborating with other health professionals, if necessary, to bring about the best outcomes. I address the many variables, such as poor coping, underlying depression/anxiety, and life stressors that contribute to the problem, emphasizing the development of enduring skills that will outlast the client's time in treatment.

Addiction Counselor

Kathryn Dodds, RPC in Psychotherapy

Registered Professional Counsellor and Life Coach

Available for Online Therapy

Clients with lifelong addictions have found freedom and hope again. "The first time I saw Kathryn I was a mess! ...I was depressed, confused, hurt, angry and desolate and almost to the point of ending it all. Life just didn't seem worth living... Kathryn was so understanding and kind and helped me to change my negative thoughts into positive ones ...She also taught me that no one can make me feel anything happy, sad, lonely, miserable - these are my own thoughts and they come from my own guilt or shame,people just trigger them... I now want to live and I understand how important it really is to live an honest clean life and to care for and love myself like I never knew how to before."

Addiction Counsellor

Tanya Johnson, RMFT, MMFT

Master Therapist providing Holistic Counselling Services

Wisdom From Within Holistic Counselling - 2775 McKenzie Ave, Suite 201, South Surrey, British Columbia

When we feel empty or broken and unable to fix ourselves, we will do anything to avoid experiencing the resultant hurt, pain, anger, or boredom. What may be a harmless pastime for others becomes for us a destructive addiction. Feelings that compel addictive behaviour may be difficult to face, but there is hope for another way to live. Our approach involves exploring current goals, relationships, family history, triggers, thoughts, as well as strengths, supports, and resources. We have successfully supported people, and their families, struggling with alcohol, drugs, internet, food, shopping, love, sex, pornography, and other addictions to live fuller, healthier and happier lives.

Addiction Counsellor

Annette Kasahara, BA, MEd. (Psychology), RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

15421 Russell Avenue, White Rock, British Columbia

My hope for clients facing challenges with addictions is that they will develop an openness and willingness to explore the underlying issues related to the addictive behaviours. Clients will benefit from looking at childhood factors and relationships issues, both past and present. Clients will identify any limiting and self-defeating beliefs which may have contributed to harmful and alienating behaviours. Clients will learn to replace negative thought and behaviour patterns with self-affirming thoughts and behaviours. They will also explore and create support systems. It is my hope that clients will develop greater self-acceptance and kindness to Self.

Addiction Counsellor

Angela Pallan, RCC, MA Counselling Psychology, BA

Registered Clinical Counsellor

200- 7404 King George Blvd, Surrey/ Delta, British Columbia

People abuse alcohol and drugs for various reasons such as relief for pain, reduction of uncomfortable level of activity or feelings, to increase feelings of energy and power, to alter consciousness, or because of enjoying the feeling of intoxication. Whatever the reason, addiction consumes and impacts the person’s day to day functioning, relationships are ruined, and hope is lost. Client-directed therapy can help these clients find motivation to make some positive changes in their lives. The process would include intake, screening, assessment, treatment planning, goal setting, treatment tools, and relapse prevention and management.

Addiction Counsellor

Paul Bains, B.Sc., M.A., RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

8556 120th Street - Suite 204B - Second Floor, Surrey, British Columbia

Has an addiction to sex, porn, alcohol, drugs, or any other addiction caused problems in your life? Has an addiction caused problems in your relationship or your family? If so, my counselling approach can bring understanding of the reasons of your addiction and ways you can manage issues more effectively. We will discuss your unique situation and address underlying causes of the addiction and offer solutions to get your life back on track and live a more fulfilled and happy life.

Addiction Counsellor

Jennifer Hope, MA

Certified Canadian Counsellor

14542 88A Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia

The road to good health includes the release of addictions. Addictions costs us money and causes us to have triggers where we can not seem to help ourselves, but if we are able to realize what those triggers or situations are, then we can navigate through them by putting other supports in place. What can we replace or do other than our addiction. There is probably a long list of replacements for you.

Addiction Counsellor

Lieneke Hewlett, MTC, RPC, SFTT, BA Psyc.

Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Registered Professional Counsellor and Registered Supervising Focusing Therapist and Trainer

10422 168 St, Surrey, British Columbia

Gently and respectfully, we work with the wisdom of the body to find your life back. We work to develop a strong observer self, as it allows you to notice yourself as separate from your feelings and experience and is critical for emotional safety and growth. Sometimes, just learning how to bring awareness and presence into your body can be a profound and helpful experience. If you are using a 12 step program, you may learn a process called 'focusing', to enrich and enhance progress.

Addiction Counsellor

Darcy Bailey, MSW, RSW, RCC, DipAT

Registered Clinical Counsellor;Art Therapist;Reg.Social Work

302 - 20238 Fraser Hwy, Langley, British Columbia

Darcy Bailey & Associates offer specialized intervention for teens, youth and young adults with potential drug and alcohol problems. We will provide a treatment plan specific to the issues a well as explore any possible underlying issues related to the substance use. Counselling can help a teen and parents: -to cope and manage in healthy ways - deal with the underlying uncomfortable feelings the drug and alcohol use may be covering up - understand the role of substances - assisting and supporting parents as to how to help their youth and how to respond

Addiction Counsellor

Jennifer Vauthrin, B.A. M.A. R.P.C. M.P.C.C.

Registered Professional Licensed Counsellor Master Practioner Clinical Counsellor

13672 blackburn ave., white rock, British Columbia

How many of you got up one morning and said lets f.... up my life today and hurt everyone around me? I'm not thinking that was you. Do you actually feel like crap and wish that this vicious cycle would stop? Can you stop it? Is this what you want or is it something somebody else wants for you? Some of us just don't know when to say enough is enough. We don't know who we are without our addiction. Where did you go? When did this start? Are you ready? Seriously can you handle the world without your addiction and accept that you are freakin amazing just the way you are and that nobody has the right to judge you for your past. Believe me when I say they have a past as well!!

Addiction Counsellor

Sherri Scott-Berner, CBT, CP, Marriage Therapist

Cognitive Behavioral Marriage and Individual Therapist

152nd Street and 36 Avenue (For the Safety of my clients, full address given at booking)., Surrey, British Columbia

Have you ever had fresh baking in the house that were saving for Christmas or some other celebration? You had to stop yourself from eating it. How it called your name while you were watching TV, or sent visions of sugar plums dancing in your head while you were hungry cooking dinner? Well that is a small snap shot of the feeling of addiction. Having such a strong compelling desire to experience the rewarding outcome, regardless of how short-lived it might be. Well not all compulsions ( or addictions) are only as dangerous and life changing as a 5 lb weight gain encountered by January 2. Some addictions can own us to the point that there is nothing left of who we really are, or were.

Addiction Counsellor

Kristina Sohal, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

101318 Whalley Blvd, Surrey,

After working with clients that struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction, I learned that these clients need ongoing support after they leave their treatment programs. I help clients explore their stresses, traumas, and their mental and physical vulnerabilities to address the issues behinds their addictive behaviour patterns. The treatment plan includes an incorporation of mindful exercise and CBT techniques to regulate stress responses and reduce the stressors. Other evidence based techniques and literature is included in the plan to assist the client in adjusting to physiological and mental changes with no addiction and replacing it with positive changes.

Addiction Counsellor

Judy Lyon, MA, RTC, MTC, RCS, RYT

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Registered Yoga Teacher

#206 - 20226 Fraser Highway , Langley, British Columbia

With over two decades experience in addiction counselling, I can confirm that addiction has most often been a symptom of a greater underlying issue or problem. I work from a biopsychosocialspiritual philosophy, meaning I will take into consideration all of the various life factors that influence your addiction. While it may be necessary to explore family of origin issues or past traumatic events, I believe your point of power is in the present and will use treatment modalities that are the right fit for you to assist you to develop the skills to honor your past, while living in the present and transform the blocks that prevent you from living the life you deserve. Change is possible!

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Surrey is located in British Columbia, Canada. It has a land area of 316.41 square kilometers.  The population of Surrey is 517,887 people with 169,964 households . The population ranking for Surrey is #12 nationally and #2 for the province of British Columbia with a density of 1636.80 people per sq km. Surrey therapists serve postal code: V3X.