Amanda Lafferty, BSc., BScOT, MACP.

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Areas of Interest

  • Psychoeducational Assessments / Autism Spectrum Disorder 
  • Shame Resiliency / Chronic Pain Management   
  • Counseling using Solution Focused Therapy / Therapeutic Play


Private Practice - Solution Focused Psychology - 2009

Clinical areas of practice: Children & Adults.

Assessment tools utilized: Behavioral Assessment using Behavioral Assessment System for Children – Second Edition (BASC-II), Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – Second Edition (WIAT-II), Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Adults - Fourth Edition (WISC-IV), Conners 3 TM and Adaptive Behavior Assessment System – Second Edition (ABAS-II). Results were presented in an assessment report with recommendations. Results were discussed in a debrief meetings with the client, parent(s) and any other services providers. Assessments were performed to diagnosis a disorder and/or create a treatment plan.

Vocational Assessments were performed to facilitate return to work planning or for a medical legal case. The clients cognitive skill set, physical function, education and interests were synthesized to determine several obtainable and realistic jobs for the client. 

Confidential counseling services were preformed to treat: Chronic Pain, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and a variety of interpersonal problems. 

Clinical Coordination: Clinical coordination services were provided for children between home, school and community. The focus of this coordinating is to reinforce programming techniques to be used consistently in school, home community. The Clinical Coordinator is also responsible for providing support to parents to explain the impact of the disorder on the child and family. In addition to this, the Clinical Coordinator calls quarterly meetings between all services providers, to ensure information and strategies are being used in all settings consistently.

Home Based Behavioral Training: An assessment of behavioral needs for the child is completed to provide direct training and implementation of behavioral strategies in the child's home. This information will be shared with the child’s school and community service providers to ensure consistency.

Psychologist 1, Community Mental Health - 2009 to 2010

The Psychologist 1 provides psychological services involving assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and program application. Core duties include: performing screening and intake procedures, provides psychological interventions and treatment to children and their families, records client contacts, therapeutic progress and discharge summaries in client files, consultation with other health services providers and liaises with community groups, and facilities referrals to appropriate resources within the region and community. Services provided on the Children's Core Team and the Student Health Partnership Program. 

Child Developmental Specialist (CDS1), CHADS Behavioral Services - 2008

The CDS1 provides behavioral assessments and psychotherapeutic treatment services to CHADS clientele, who are seven years or younger, and their family members. This involves and requires performing a variety of assessment and therapeutic techniques within a clinical setting and decision-making skills with minimal supervision. Clinical duties included: telephone intake interviews, behavioral observations, report writing, file reviews, and file closures. 

Special contract services are provided through CHADS for behavioral services for children under 18 years old. These clients have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and have FSCD funding. Children who have FSCD funding in place, are eligible to receive a comprehensive behavioral assessment and treatment services.

Occupational Therapist, Riverview Care Centre - 2008 to 2009

Clinical duties of the Occupational Therapist included the management and provision of Occupational Therapy services to the Residents. Assessments of Residents are completed upon admission, and continued on a yearly basis. From the assessment results, the development of Resident treatment care plans and goals are formed and implemented. These care plans are shared with the Therapy Assistant, interdisciplinary team members  and at the Resident Care Conferences. Residents care plans are created implemented to maintain and restore health, prevent disease, prevent injury and provide Resident comfort. In addition to this, the Occupational Therapist co-facilitates the Alzheimer support group on site.

Occupational Therapist, Medicine Hat Regional Hospital - Therapy Services - 2005 to 2008

Clinical areas of experience. 

Rehabilitation: Intensive rehabilitative programs are individually developed to maximize the Patients independence in their activities of daily living. Treatment is delivered in a multi-disciplinary setting. Patients were recovering from a wide range of conditions including: stroke, hip fracture, head injury etc. 

Geriatric Assessment: Comprehensive assessment of the Patients functional ability in their instrumental activities of daily livings as well as their activities of daily living. Assessment results revealed discharge planning and recommendations, quality of life indicators and effects of caregiver stress. 

Community Outreach Team: Occupational Therapy services were delivered on a multi-disciplinary team. This team delivered services to Senior Citizens in their homes. Recommendations were given to the Client and family to help increase the Clients quality of life and remain in the chosen living environment. Equipment was ordered and community resources were provided if necessary. 

Inpatient Psychiatry Unit: The focus of intervention was on skill acquisition, stress management, community living skills and goal setting.

Inpatient Pediatric Unit: Referrals were strictly for eating disorder Patients. The focus was on skill acquisition: relaxation skills, anger management, and increase interpersonal skills.


Yorkville University, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada - Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology , degree received December 2008.

University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, Canada- Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy , degree received June 2005.

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada- Bachelor of Science Specialization in Psychology , degree received June 2002.


•       Committed to practicing evidence-based practice.

•       Sound knowledge in psychological and neurological disorders.

•       Excellent oral and written communication skills.

•       Strong team player, with the ability to take a leadership role.

•       Creative problem solver with the ability to bring ideas to life.

  •       Experience in relating and presenting research data in a meaningful way. 
  •       Strong clinical reasoning skills with clients who present a variety of complex       problems. 

Certificates, Awards & Achievements

2010 Collaborative Professionals of Medicine Hat

2010 Red Stream- Advanced Theory and Techniques in Play Therapy is a certificate program that offers 75 hours of approved/certified training in play therapy. The goal of this program is to expand assessment and treatment planning skills, increase competence in the use of various play therapy modalities, and gain practical skills as a practitioner in play therapy.

2010 Collaborative Divorce Interdisciplinary Team Protocol Training, Calgary, AB. Nancy J. Ross.

2010 College of Alberta Psychologists. Registered Psychologist. Registration Number 3576.

2010  Green Stream- Foundations of Play. The Foundations of Play Therapy is a certificate program that offers 75 hours of approved/certified training in play      therapy. An introduction to play therapy history, theory, and techniques. Skills in play therapy were formed to provide emotional support to individual children with slight to moderate problems. 

2009  Asist- Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

2009   Two day training course for, “Understanding & Managing High Conflict Personalities & New Ways for Families in Court & Collaborative                                  Cases.”October 2 & 3, 2009. Presenter: Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.,CFLS

2009   Responding to Aggressive People Training (RAP)

2009    Progressive Goal Attainment Program Provider (PGAP) September 25 & 26, 2009. Winnipeg, MB. Presenter: Dr. Michael Sullivan

2009   Veterans Affairs Provider Number (Blue Cross Provider Number)- Psychologist

2009  Introduction to the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition

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