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Counselling During the Coronavirus Crisis

Dear Friends and Clients
I understand that the role therapy plays could be even more important to you during this stressful period resulting from the corona virus. I will work hard to provide you with continued support through more flexible and easily accessible assistance. As a therapist, I take the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Canada and provincial health authorities very seriously and am following their advisories closely.
Therefore, I would like to provide the opportunity to continue to meet with you by telephone and video conferencing through face time, as well as offering you increased flexibility in hours.
This is a time to remain connected and work together to make necessary changes and to stay focussed on the important parts of our lives.
Please call, text or e-mail me if you have any questions at all, or if you would like to change or arrange an appointment.
I am a communication therapist in Kanata with life long experience in assisting adults, couples, families and youth with personal issues, in their relationships, and in their professional and personal lives. I use a highly personalized approach tailored to meet each individual need.I work to create a supportive, safe and non judgemental environment to help you to achieve changes in your life, reach new understandings, relieve anxiety, stress and ultimately to achieve true personal growth. My expertise is in communication with both professional adults and families. I have specialized training in resilience for anxiety and depression with both adults and adolescents.

Couple Therapy 

If your goal is to improve communication, to feel closer to your partner, sessions are tailored to improve respect, connection and trust. You can learn how to recapture your feelings together, to allow your individuality, to disagree without hurting each other and find a deepened lasting affection and intimacy.   If you need help with mediating or managing conflict or a separation with dignity and respect, that can be facilitated with calm and positive resolution. If you are looking for premarital counselling before making an important commitment with a partner, open and honest dialogue in a safe environment helps increase confidence and trust.   Difficult topics I work with couples to resolve with effective communication skills include: couple conflict, infidelity, intimacy, sexuality, commitment, blended family issues, second and mature relationship issues, adult children, differences in life priorities and approaches, wellness and health worries. Discussion in safety and without judgement means your concerns, fears and hopes can be heard and resolved.   

Child and Adolescent Therapy/Parenting

If you are a parent wanting to help your adolescent or child cope with depression, anger, stress and change, I am a former educator with the skills to support you, or work directly with your child to develop resiliency. I have a training certification in FRIENDS, a program developed in Australia, to assist youth and children with anxiety, peer and self esteem issues. Learning to 'just be yourself' and being brave gives students the confidence and courage to face their world and its many changes. The advent of social media has made the use of boundaries, consistency, trust, and open communication with parents extremely important. I work with adolescents to learn to manage their peer connections.
Many children and teens are dealing with the effects of parental separation, and blended family challenges. Having someone they trust and can confide in helps them through transitions. I help youth find motivation, direction and confidence with comfortable and safe talks. As a former College Counsellor, I do work in career planning and academic paths, working with students from grade 8 to college post graduate degrees.   

Workplace Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Career Planning

I have been a corporate trainer in communication, leadership & team performance working with government, industry & nonprofit organizations. I help many managers and professionals with career planning and change management. Finding yourself at a new stage in your career, discovering new opportunities, positioning for success is an exciting and challenging prospect. Working with a career professional ensures you uncover all possibilities and move forward with confidence.
Issues such as difficulty managing work load, changes, communication challenges with staff and management, handling conflict are frequent blocks to career fulfilment that can be worked through. Managing stress, and achieving a good work life balance is important for maintaining your energy and strength. Developing and using a support network and being in synch with your partner is an essential part of finding career fulfillment. We can look at your particular strengths and work to promote and develop them.

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